Barcelona Fun on Bleeker Street

CIMG8211Back when I studied abroad in Barcelona, there was this fabulous sandwich shop called 100 Montaditos.  It’s known for having a list of 100 sandwich options, perfect for any palate.  ~ From chorizo to tuna to melted chocolate ~The prices were cheap, the variety was huge, and it was the perfect place for a snack, meal, or happy hour.  Every Wednesday, all sandwiches were only 1 Euro, so of course it was a no-brainer.


They serve each plate with a handful of chips, which aren’t always my favorite, but always pair nicely with sandwiches 🙂  When I heard they had introduced 100 Montaditos to lower Manhattan, I knew we had to go.

100 Montaditos
176 Bleecker St
NY, NY 10012

IMG_3367Seating is on a first come first serve basis and if you have the skills to stake out and hover for someone to finish, you will be very happy.   I wish I was still up to speed on my Spanish.  I definitely heard some people chatting it up with the staff in Spanish and possibly even Catalan.  That last part might off, but I did hear some people at the next table talking about Spain and Barcelona as if they were just visiting New York.


Cool ambience, sure, but I’m sure you are more interested in the goods.  Well, the prices are some of the best in the city, seeing as you can’t get a drink and dinner for under $20 elsewhere.  We ordered a number of sandwiches, fries, beer for Laura, and sangria for myself and Quinn and managed to come out with plenty of change in our pockets.


A menu that can put any restaurant to shame.  Ok, not exactly that good, but for some cheap bar food, I was highly impressed.  You know, I think this particular menu might beat Barcelona’s WAY out of the park.

IMG_3379Estrella – the beer of Barcelona

IMG_3376_FotorAfter a long day of work, this hit the spot perfectly.

91 – caprese – serrano ham, mozzarella, fresh tomato & pesto on ciabatta

58 – chorizo, manchego cheese, fresh tomato, and arugula

62 – chistorra (basque style chorizo sausage), cream cheese & crispy onions

69 – brie, arugula, crispy onion, honey mustard on wheat roll

IMG_3378My two wonderful dining partners, open for any sort of adventure and totally ok with candid photos.  My favorite type of pictures 🙂


“It’s fun to get together and have something good to eat at least once a day. That’s what human life is all about – enjoying things.” – Julia Child


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