March Madness

The past couple weeks have been insane – arriving to work around 7:30, juggling too many tasks to count, skipping out on lunch so I could leave the office at a decent hour, etc.  But, it’s nothing to complain about because I love my job.  Or, what is really important is that I love my coworkers and bosses.

Our task is to sit in what we call the “War Room”, check that all the advertisements are functioning, and clicking through to the respective sites.  Because we are working as client service representatives, we have to make sure that all of our clients are satisfied, but this probably means that users are annoyed out of their mind.

I always knew that advertisements were important to a company but I didn’t realize how crucial it is to have people on the other end of the spectrum monitoring the delivery of them.  After 10+ hours of watching basketball and working with clients, I doubt I will ever buy a Subway sandwich (although for other reasons too) or go to Outback or Applebee’s.  I was’t , or  am not that impressed with Old Spice.  I did happen to like the Wheat Thins ads and Allstate’s Mayhem is usually pretty creative.

IMG_3561The typical set-up – computer, tablet, coffee, and oodles of junk food.  I had my fair share of chocolate covered almonds and even chocolate covered pretzels this weekend.

I happen to love sports – playing sports, watching sports, whatever it may be, I’m game. (no pun intended) I guess it’s due to my competitive nature and the fact that I grew up in a household that had ESPN or some tournament – golf, basketball, football, always on.  Wherever the habit  began, it has helped me at work since we are required to watch March Madness.

Oh, and another perk of being in sales?  Client outings.  Last Monday I had the opportunity to attend a client event at Nike Town where we customized our own Nike shoes.  That’s right – your own Nike shoes.


These are just some of the shoes we could choose from in order to customize our own.  Most people went for the funky styles but I had to stick with my favorite – Nike Frees.  Once you select a shoe and a size, you are able to pick out colors, and then coordinate the design online.

This process is available to anyone online, but only in the store do you get to talk with representatives, try on different sizes, and actually see the color swatches before selecting online.  The last part is extremely helpful because some of the colors appear very differently online than they do in person.

It was a way to “wine and dine” the client (aka agency) and establish good relations with one another before we started working down the line.  I knew that being invited to an outing like this was somewhat of a reward for working hard or really just an incentive to work that much harder in the months, and years, to come.



7 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Thanks for sharing a little more about what you do, girl! Always like hearing about stuff like that 🙂 That is an awesome reward for working so hard haha…need to talk to Peanut and BKs fam about that one 😉

  2. First of all you have an extremely cool job….K now that my jealousy has been established we can move forward in our friendship lol March madness is my favorite time of year so Lord only know why I decided to run a Half Marathon this weekend when BOTH of my teams made it to the Sweet Sixteen and I’m fixina stay up half the night watching the UK-Louisville game(in Lexington mind you so you know either way Sh*ts goin down lol) Bring on the madness!!

    • Yes, my job is quite cool, I lucked out 😉 Haha I feel like that would be my luck to have both of my teams get so far too. BEST OF LUCK! I love the madness!

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