NYC Tours Throwback Thursday Edition

Back to the time we took a family spring break trip to the Big Apple.  I’ve been in a reminiscing mood lately and sharing some pictures of the first time I stepped foot in the city sounded perfect. This was almost eight years ago and one heck of a trip.

IMG_0096Taking a break in (now my favorite place) Central Park – tour through the Guggenheim, Museum of Natural History – attending a couple musicals on Broadway – watching Final Four games in the ESPN center (no longer in the city) and of course pictures in tourist central – Times Square.

IMG_0064It was a true Fuelling trip where we walked miles upon miles and threw in a bit of public transportation.  Of course, that’s pretty normal for anyone taking a trip to New York City.

IMG_0243 Here we are on Ellis Island with Manhattan off in the distance.  While we took a trip out to see the Statue of Liberty, I’ve got my mind set on booking a ticket to visit the crown.

IMG_0365Of course a trip to NYC isn’t complete without a trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar.  They have since expanded to various department stores and even opened up a shop at Los Angeles’s Grove/Farmer’s Market but I think the original is the best.

Stay tuned for some more big city favorites!