Friday Favorites…THEY’VE ARRIVED!

We may have been graced with April showers last week, but they sure do bring gorgeous flowers.  Not to mention a little Theta love in New York City.

photo 2 (3) I’ve been in an exploring mood lately and while I can’t pinpoint every restaurant or meal I want to try, I’m very good about making impulse snacks and drinks. Got to love my green tea + boba

photo 1 (2)

Who doesn’t love emojis?  Actually don’t answer that because it would just burst my happiness bubble.


Really though.  My mother has the emoji app on her iPhone and let’s just say her texts with the new found emoji icons make my day.



Here’s to the next three days of gallivanting about the city, consuming as much coffee and chocolate as possible, and oh yeah…running a half marathon.

“The be-all and end-all of life should not be to get rich, but to enrich the world.”
– Bertie Charles Forbes


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites…THEY’VE ARRIVED!

  1. Have a FAB weekend and have a blast with that half! I know you wanted to do it more for fun than as a race which is the best way to do it! It’s what I did last weekend and I don’t regret it AT ALL. Side note- I wish my mom used emojis. That would be so much more fun. You, me, and Carrie should start doing that.

  2. good luck with your half mary!! you’re gonna kick butt!! and emojis like make my life, but some of the weird ones i’m just like why is this even here? like who is ever going to use this?! haha. have a super weekend!! 🙂

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