Practically Perfect Weekend

I’d be gabbing for days if I went through all the fun from this weekend.  Basically I had a ball with my two best friends and was so blessed to have them here in my city.  We joke all the time about living together – going to run or do stand up paddle, grab a dirty chai latte, and lay out on the beach.  Well, while our lifestyles won’t exactly cross paths like that for a few years, we can enjoy jet-setting across the country to visit one another for now.

They arrived bright an early around 6:30am on Friday and I allowed each of them a bit of time to rest up and then it was out and about. We stopped off for good ‘ol New York style bagels and of course the best of the best coffee.

IMG_3896I had them walking up and down the city and could not believe how warm (dare I say humid yet?) it was!  All week we had been discussing options of outfits and at one point we thought we were going to be graced with rain all of Friday.  Thank goodness they didn’t bring their rain boots because it was far from misty and miserable.  Instead, it turned out to be a fabulous warm and wonderful weekend.

IMG_3897_Fotor_ Collage

After loading up on some fuel we  set out to the race expo.  I was honestly a bit disappointed in the race t-shirt.  I understand as the largest all female race, they would go for a more form fitting and fashionable cut, but I think it fell a little short.  No really, the bottom hem was almost like a 90’s throwback tank revealing one’s midriff if you weren’t careful.  Oh well, there were plenty of other fun and free goodies.

IMG_4622Look who was ready for the race 🙂  Oh and of course I was planning to run like this girl.  With the same form and abs obviously.

IMG_3915Friday and Saturday were filled with a bit too much fun aka shopping and eating.  My wallet definitely felt the punch of the weekend but I came out successful with some clutch pieces and it was totally worth it since I’ve been working super overtime for the last few weeks.

IMG_3897_Fotor_CollageJCREW * Lily Pulitzer * Nike Town * Tiffany’s * SOHO * Alex & Ani * CWonder

Don’t you think we’ve covered a good portion of the NYC shopping? 🙂

IMG_3897_Fotor_CollageNot only did we cover a fair amount of territory walking and shopping, but we tasted our way through the city, splitting and splurging a few tasty dishes.  I had never visited Serendipity 3, which is known for its frozen hot chocolate concoction.  However, it’s always best to prep for something sweet with some actual sustenance, right?  Surprisingly their veggie burger with plantain chips was one of the best veggie burgers I’ve had in my entire life.

Let’s get another look at that dessert as it definitely made up for the poorly behaved birthday party sitting behind us.

IMG_3922Saturday was spent with more shopping and exploring, resting, and catching up.  Nerves were setting in but more on that tomorrow 🙂

“There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.”
– Orison Swett Marden

8 thoughts on “Practically Perfect Weekend

  1. Bagels! Yummmm I didn’t have one today for the first time in probably a year. Also, I need detailed notes on your opinions of the frozen hot chocolate at serendipity!

  2. Ahhh that frozen hot chocolate…i still have dreams about it! My mum, two aunts, and cousin went into nyc a few years ago for my cousin’s birthday, and we went there for lunch…that hot chocolate was the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten. Need to have another soon 😛

  3. How fun! I love when best friends can come visit 😀 Also I love eating and shopping my way through a weekend haha I’ve been told NYC is a great place to do just that, wink wink lol

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