What’s Your Reason to Blog?

Validation, recognition, relationships?

What is it that we seek from blogging? I guess you could say for me, it’s all of the above. When I tell people that have a blog, I usually have to answer a fair number of other questions.

What do you mean it’s a healthy blog?
What do you write about?
Do people actually read your blog?
Why did you start it?
So you actually have met people from your blog?

For starters, I love to talk and I love to write. I thrive on the fact that I can write something for the world to read (if they ever so choose). I find it amusing that during my junior year, I encountered a professor who told me my writing was terrible, and no matter how many times I revised my essays, I would never make any progress. This was even when I took my essays to the writing hub AND had my mom – a former English major and English teacher – read and revise. But I digress.

My exposure to blogging started in 2011 when I traveled abroad to Barcelona. I had heard of people writing about their trips and it seemed like a decent way to keep in touch with friends and family. I worried the entire week before I departed that it would be a complete failure – that the theme I had selected on WordPress was just not right. I fretted about writing everyday, documenting my adventures and experiences, and in time I worried about readers.

But the end result was pure joy. I loved connecting with people, even if for the time it was just my family and friends. I had the opportunity to share my sights with them and let them hear about my perspective. Sometimes I go back to re-read my posts – think about how I was feeling as I wrote it and what I learned from the whole experience.

Fast forward a seven months and I’m in the process of looking for a summer paid internship. They are far and few and so things weren’t really looking too good. I decided if nothing else, I’ll start a blog and begin to document my explorations throughout Los Angeles.

Honestly I had never followed a blog, didn’t know the healthy living blogger community existed. ย I had only recently stumbled upon Cupcakes and Cashmere. I loved the clean and crisp feeling of the page and even wrote to Emily with questions, asking for advice of where to begin. She ever so kindly responded and I was ecstatic and so decided to begin.

Turns out I did get an internship for the summer, even though exploring the outdoors and avoiding the fluorescent lights sometimes seemed more appealing. But it was solid experience, gave me insight into what I did and didn’t want to do, and paid decently well.

I kept up my blog on the side and for those of you who have stuck around, you have seen how it’s changed over the past couple years. I share recipes – rarely ones I create but rather ones I try (emphasis on try) to make “healthy”. I go on adventures – sometimes with friends and other times as a lone ranger. I bring up semi-thought provoking subjects and I bring up complete and utter nonsense. It serves as a message board to the world and a platform where I can find my voice. ย It enables me fore me and to to celebrate myself and others around me.

I’m independent, I’m outgoing and friendly (don’t let my “sitting serious/witch” face deter you), I like to think I’m funny (although people often see the sarcasm as harsh), and I love exploring the world around me.

We bloggers come in all sorts of fashions – mommy bloggers, personal trainers and marathoners galore (maybe one day…for now I work out for my confidence, stress relief, and that scoop of ice cream), and foodies (yeah about that scoop of ice cream…) This is my blog, my companion, and my voice.

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So join the club – the blogger club that is.ย 

P.S. If you are new or been around awhile, consider linking up with my friend Kels at the Blonder Side of Life today!

9 thoughts on “What’s Your Reason to Blog?

  1. Love your reasons to blog! Don’t forget to add your link so others can see your post too. Also I love, love, LOVE that quote. So many people live life unhappy when there’s so much to be happy about!

  2. Kind of love this. I have a post lined up about similar thoughts. Obviously we’re on the same page. Obviously. People might think blogging is weird, but that just means they haven’t found others like us! And I think the coolest part about blogging is seeing that growth. I see it in your posts and I see it in mine. I love it.

  3. I blog for me. I love to write and come to a place where I can share my thoughts and experiences. If someone gets something from it, that’s awesome, but my number one goal is to stay true to me, write what happens, and not be afraid to be honest about my hopes/dreams/goals/experiences ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. I know that I am super late on this one, but I just stumbled on it! I can totally relate to your experience with your professor your junior year. Last year my CTW professor wrote on my final portfolio that my writing is unsophisticated. She ripped apart every paper I wrote. It sucked. While it drove me crazy that she disliked all of my papers, I still learned a lot and my writing has grown since. I still think she didn’t have to be so rude though..

    • Well I’m glad you found it ๐Ÿ™‚ all I can say is that there will always be some biased people (or haters) so I agree! I can see it as a growing experience, but no, people don’t always have to be that rude

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