Springtime at Lincoln Center

Sure there are perks to living in the city.  Namely, having a taxi at every corner (if it isn’t the end of a shift though), oodles of options for restaurants, plenty of public transportation, and the occasional awards show right outside your doorstep.

IMG_4678 Gosh, if spring is always this gorgeous, it makes having a gnarly winter worth it.  I have decided that spring is my absolute favorite season, no matter where in the world I am located.

IMG_4681 So it turns out there are plenty of hot spot attractions right by where I work.  There’s Central Park, the Plaza (now Fairmont), and lovely 5th Ave shopping. There’s also Lincoln Center, the Julliard School, and the Film Society at Lincoln Center.  I even wandered up past the ABC studios and another famous Magnolia Bakery.

IMG_4686A few weeks back, I was ever so lucky to find myself in possession of tickets to the Chaplin Award Gala.  This was the 41st year of the gala and was honoring Rob Reiner for his career of acting, directing, and producing.  To be honest, I didn’t know much about the gala or Mr. Reiner himself when I said yes to the tickets.  They were passed down by one of my bosses and why would I ever say no to such an opportunity?


Like I said, I didn’t know much about the gala or the guest of honor, but that’s just because I grew up under a rock.  Turns out that after a little Google and Wikipedia search, I did know some of his work.  Um, The Princess Bride, or When Harry Met Sally?  Goodness Kaitlin, get your act together 😉

IMG_4692 It was only last week that I visited Katz’s Deli and wrote up my review here. Needless to say, Billy Crystal was just as hilarious and Meg Ryan looked fabulous.  She was much taller than Crystal and when they showed little clips from the movie, I noticed how the camera must have angled to lessen the height difference. Well played Hollywood.

IMG_4697 There’s good ‘ol Martin Charles Scorsese, handing over the award.  Not only did we get to hear all about Reiner’s career, but to see the one of the most influential filmmakers in cinema history as well?  Quite the night.

IMG_4702And this would be the gala we were not quite lucky-enough to get invited to.  The tickets were in the $200 range and I was not ready to fork that over, but we can dream of rubbing elbows with the NYC elite.  We improvised with a trip out to Filipino food, an adventure I will soon recount right here. 🙂

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.”
– John Muir

4 thoughts on “Springtime at Lincoln Center

  1. Another amazing New York weekend. You seriously find something different to do every weekend! I love it!

  2. when harry met sally is one of my favorite movies to date! what a cool event to be a part of. nyc is so full of exciting stuff on the daily it’s insane. ps- i really enjoyed your use of the word “gnarly” referring to winter. such a california girl at heart you are. haha 🙂

  3. Oh awesome! I want my bosses to pass me stuff like this too 😉 Need to start working on that haha. I thought Rob Reiner’s name sounded familiar when I read it…I’m glad you clarified, though, since it would have driven me bonkers till I remembered to google him 😛

  4. This is amazing!! Such an awesome opportunity 🙂 When Harry Met Sally is everywhere lately it seems, I read an awesome interview between Mindy Kaling & Billy Crystal the other day, and most of it was about When Harry Met Sally. And now that I think about it I think it mentioned this gala too! So cool 🙂

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