Brunch in Brooklyn

IMG_4802There’s something magical about finishing a workout with a healthy side of brunch.  I’m not sure if it throws me back to the days of cross country long runs, which were followed by a classic 2x2x2 at Hill Street Cafe, but it sure does make me a happy camper.

Brunch is a term that I was not very familiar with growing up.  It’s that awkward time in the day where you are either starving because you didn’t eat, starving because you just finished working out, or not really hungry because you already had breakfast.  Not to mention the fact that we weren’t really the “brunching” type – feeling overwhelmingly full midday just didn’t sound appealing.

But, when I came to New York, I realized we had been going about the process all wrong.  Here, brunching is an art.  It’s a habit, a hobby, an activity, a date, and outing. When you ask someone what they are doing on the weekend, inevitably they will tell you where they will be brunching.  How fabulous, no?

I still stand by the fact that I don’t like to be uncomfortably full midday, but that’s another story between me and my stomach.

IMG_4804I have learned my way around the city and have found that it’s always nice to dine out with a friend.  This time I was dining out with a new blogger friend, Nicole.  She is also planning to attend the Blent Retreat in just over one month and we thought it would be nice to meet up before hand.  She selected a number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants as she doesn’t fancy dairy and is most vegetarian.

IMG_4809 We met up in Brooklyn at a quaint little diner called Champs and boy was it a delight.  My friends already make fun of me and my love for diners, so I can’t wait to share this little gem with them.  Sure it’s vegan but don’t let that scare you away.  I was salivating over other items the minute I walked in the door. 

IMG_4805I had just finished a track workout with a couple of my friends and thought that a nice tall green juice would be worthwhile.  With the “Green Face” I would get all those vitamins in one fell swoop.

Speaking of green juices, they opened up a store in my hometown and my mom was utterly shocked at the prices.  Let’s just say I’m used to paying $8 a pop thanks to NYC prices.  That and the fact that there are some bottled varieties that range up to $12!

IMG_4812We chatted for quite some time as we eyed the menus, deciding between breakfast and lunch items.  From Drunken Cowgirl to Tofu Benedict to their Red Velvet Pancakes, it was a sure tough bet.  But, I’m a breakfast gal true and true and the stack of pancakes was calling my name.

IMG_4810Bananarama Pancakes ~  Some of the best I have ever had in my life.

IMG_4813I’m sure Mr. Pilsbury was eyeing my heaping plate of pancakes.  Or maybe he was keeping a lookout over the case of cakes, cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls, all of which are vegan. Imagine that.

IMG_4817Champ’s Family Diner
176 Ainslie St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
*Cash only

12 thoughts on “Brunch in Brooklyn

  1. Omg those pancakes!! I need to come visit just for those! And to see the mac and cheese place 😉 I was never a brunch fan growing up either but these days? Sign me up! Since mornings are typically spent running, I’m all about eating lots of food afterwards of both the breakfast and lunch variety 😉

  2. I LOVE brunch! One of my favorite ways to spend Saturday morning is going for a really long run and then sitting for hours drinking cappuccinos and eating a big stack of pancakes with my husband! We had a few favorite brunch places in Cali but now I’ll have find some good places in Boston!

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