A World of Social Firsts

Do you ever find yourself going through old pictures? Scrapbooks (yes I just went old-school there), Instagram, iPhoto library, or even old Facebook albums?  It’s funny how much we change over the weeks, days, and years.  Also remember those days when we used to post practically everything on Facebook?

Well, jumping on the #totalsocial bandwagon started by Helene in Between & Venus Trapped in Mars, and also found through my new blend (I hope) 🙂 The Blonder Side of Life.


Oh Facebook.  This is the social element that has been around longest for me and has certainly changed the most.  Thank you Facebook for truly bringing FOMO into our lives.  I admit, I got a Facebook in high school when it was still slightly rebellious.  It was also around cross country season so a race picture was the obvious choice for my first profile picture.

IMG_4387This was also the time that those status updates were on the rage and it started with one’s name – “Kaitlin is…”  Now of course this meant we had to think of a deep, thought provoking statement that would somehow capture the attention of your classmates who were also procrastinating online.  Not that the procrastination element changed much.  Our posting habits just did.


Funny enough I’m coming up on my 2 year anniversary for this blog. As I mentioned last week, I started this blog as a summer project.  It’s evolved into so much more and I love it.  But obviously that would be true since I continue to post with y’all.



Definitely arrived on the later side to the Twitter trend but missed out on the “post every single thing you are doing, eating, thinking, posting” trend.  I tend to scroll through and re-tweet other inspirational quotes, links about running, and of course a portal to post my own blog posts.

I tried to find my very first post and either I was quite boring and didn’t post anything or I wasn’t able to scroll back through a mere 1,700 tweets.



Last but not least is Instagram.  I definitely think that Instagram is my second favorite form of social media, behind my blog.  The fact that a picture can capture an entire event, feeling, moment, and more is unbelievable.  Not to mention it allows a user to shine his or her personality and creativity through one (or many more than that) pictures.


As I looked back through my photos, it seems I was very into the whole artsy food photography.  Sadly enough I wasn’t cool enough to get likes back then and it wasn’t until this lovely meal that I felt I was established in the IG world. Still don’t know how my cousins have over 80 likes on their photos…


What are some of your social media firsts?  

4 thoughts on “A World of Social Firsts

  1. I’ve noticed that I’m way behind on social media this week and it’s kind of relaxing. I got facebook in 8th grade (I think?) and it was so exciting. I had myspace for a brief stint before that until my parents took it away, and i was the last to hop on the instagram train a year ago haha it’s crazy to look back on these things now that they’re so integrated in our lives!

  2. I still haven’t jumped on the Twitter train! I have one but never use it and actually have no idea how it work/what I’m supposed to use it to do. haha Also, I’m with you on your last point… I have little cousins (like middle school/high school age) and they’ll post a pic and 3 seconds later they have a million likes! How do they do it!??

  3. Haha first off of course we’re Blend buddies!! Second, I love the quote at the end. Sadly for my younger self I was on the post everything you’re doin and thinkin twitter train…le sigh..thankfully I got off that ride years ago haha. And I Still can’t get 80 likes even though I absolutely love Instagram as well.

  4. Hahaha I loved this post! I remember when I first got a facebook and felt the need to post webcam photos bymyself or with my friends. Looking back on those photos is embarressing. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time! As for Instagram, I remember downloading the app thinking that it was just a way to edit my photos. A year later, it was a popular social media site and I realized that I had it wrong the whole time! Therefore, my first few photos on my account are super random and look like I was trying to be artsy.. because I had no idea anyone would see them. Now, I am obsessed with Instagram and my friends know it! And I am totally with you on the likes part, I don’t understand how some of my friends get more than 100 likes on photos. I get excited when I hit 60 (which is a rare occurrance), lol.

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