In Solidarity

By now I’m sure you are familiar with the events that occurred late Friday night in the area north of Santa Barbara. The horrific event at Isla Vista, a place where my best friends called home for four years, will forever haunt me. I didn’t know the area well, but I had been there multiple times. My friends may have graduated but we still knew students on campus. How could something so near to our hearts become a crime scene?

What shocks me the most is the sad reality that people still do not feel loved enough. It’s tough to realize that while we all compare our lives to those portrayed in the media or social media, others feel the need to react instead of realize that each and every one of us is different and unique. It upsets that this event can happen to anyone and should not happen to anyone.

I may not have attended UCSB but I know many people that did and have a long history with the city. Please say a few prayers for everyone affected in this tragedy and any other tragedy that has occurred.


3 thoughts on “In Solidarity

  1. I’m starting there in Fall as a Freshman, couldn’t believe it! In a positive at least his plans didn’t go ahead, that would have been even worse. And I agree and I still can’t believe how over there you can buy guns without a licence, that’s crazy!!!

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