Sights & Sounds of the Sea Shore

Within my heart of hearts, I am happiest in the mountains or by the sea.  The city is an oh-so-fun place to be and explore, but nothing beats the whistle of wind through the pine trees up north or the sound of the waves, lapping onto the shore.

IMG_4822IMG_4492Some of my favorite granola in the world (homemade of course) topped over Fage Greek yogurt…couldn’t get enough

IMG_4502Nothing like some homemade treats…even a surprise! My favorite were the chocolate toffee bars, which were similar to 7-Layer Bars


This past weekend I was lucky enough to travel down the coast to Ocean City and spend three glorious days by the seaside.  We biked between streets and ran along the boardwalk.  We indulged in fresh fruit from the market and had BBQs under the setting sun.  (Tried to be an adult and sip on some American brew)


Succeeded as a 23-year old and stayed out until 2am dancing up a storm at a local bar.  Ok, my friend and I may have called it quits around 12:45 and taken a nap in the car while we waited for her brother.  But still, we held our own on the dance floor and had quite a few fans. 😉


To even out our late nights of dancing, we took our fair share of naps on the beach, completed a puzzle and set up a Yahtzee tournament, which I happened to win…no big deal.

IMG_4838Some good ‘ol boardwalk food

IMG_4840Everyone loves a candy store, especially homemade salt water taffy!

IMG_4835Check out that line! This is the famous Brown’s, where they make fresh donuts when you order.  People line up for ages just to get a taste of that melt-in-your-mouth flavor. 


The Jersey shore is quite something.  I may even make quite the statement “West Coast Best Coast”.   I still have a few months left until I reach the one-year mark in the east.  I’ve enjoyed the seasons, the flavor of the city, and wide range of characters out and about, but let’s be real – I’ll always be a California girl.  So, putting that lofty statement aside, I want to talk about beaches and compare the good ‘ol Pacific to the Atlantic.  (*My review probably isn’t 100% accurate, as I haven’t seen all the beaches on the east or west coast.  This is just coming from my few experiences so please take it with a grain of salt)

  • Temperature – The east is known for its warm(er) water, although this past weekend probably wasn’t the best example with ~60F (or colder) temps.  I didn’t really have a problem as that’s the norm for us Californians and I could suck it up and take the plunge.  Come on people, it’s not like it’s the Arctic. 😉

IMG_4499Snacks seaside

  • Shore Length – These beaches extend for miles at a time – I am much more used to little coves and inlets that California beaches have and was surprised by how far the main beach extended.  From what I could tell, there really wasn’t an end in sight.
  • Sea Depth – Back home, you’d be lucky if you wade out a few yards and can still stand.  Here in Jersey, I walked about 20 yards and was still only up to my knees in water.  Our shores tend to drop off after about ten feet and allow you to bob around and body surf.  Speaking of body surfing, that leads me to the topic of waves.
  • Waves – Maybe it was the beach I was at but they seemed non-existent.  I barely had to bounce up to avoid a ½ foot wave and when I tried to body surf in, that plan failed.  Although, to be fair, not every beach is ideal for surfing and my friend hit some clutch waves down a ways.
  • Sunsets – Here’s a kicker for you west coast people.  The sun no longer sets over the ocean.  Ok, obvious I know, but when you are used to sitting on the sand, watching a great rosy globe set into the abyss, it’s sort of a weird concept.


I did love the fact that it was such a small town and everyone not only knew some of their neighbors, but also could let the kids off on their own and roam around the boardwalk.  Maybe there are beach towns in California like this and maybe I just missed out on this little social experience.  Maybe Newport Beach, CA is similar where the kids can roam Balboa, surf during the day, or get into mischief 😉


Anyways, I admit that I’m definitely biased based on the beach(es) I grew up going to but in a way, we always compare the current experience to that which we know best.  It was glorious spending some time with my east coast family and I wouldn’t have asked for a better weekend to start off summer.

Beach - Relaxation

17 thoughts on “Sights & Sounds of the Sea Shore

  1. I have never been to the Shore, but I was up in the Cape this weekend! Also as someone who has been to both coasts and their beaches I’d say your comparison is a good one. (I was actually born on the west coast!) I’m all east coast now though lol

  2. now you have me REALLY needing summer to hurry up!! Sounds and looks like a fabulous weekend to me! If you can get to York, ME, you NEED to go to York Beach! We have a beach house on Long Sands (York Beach is separated by the nubble lighthouse and has 2 beaches (long & short sands), and it is just so homey and not full of tourists.

  3. CRAP I did it AGAIN! Stupid work blog. oops.. here’s the post with MY username haha:

    now you have me REALLY needing summer to hurry up!! Sounds and looks like a fabulous weekend to me! If you can get to York, ME, you NEED to go to York Beach! We have a beach house on Long Sands (York Beach is separated by the nubble lighthouse and has 2 beaches (long & short sands), and it is just so homey and not full of tourists.

  4. Sounds like such a great weekend! I love the beaches on the east coast and the west coast but they are just so different. I’ve always thought that California beaches are much dirtier and I don’t like how they are usually right next to a highway or busy road but they are definitely pretty! You may not have noticed a difference yet since it is still spring but by the end of the summer the water at East Coast beaches is crazy warm! 🙂

  5. It looks like you had a fun time!! I have yet to really experience the beaches here in California.. but I will this weekend in Santa Cruz! The only beaches I really ever go to are the ones in Florida or Chicago.. which is a lake. Oh well!

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  7. So I’ve been to this OC (Ocean City) in April and it was creepy. There was a giant fog that encompassed the city and made it seem like a zombie apocalypse. I’m glad to see pictures of it all lively. I did like that it seemed like it was retro. It’s totally better than other East Coast beaches (like Virginia Beach… don’t go there).

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