Coffee Talks

If we were going out to grab a cup of jo, I would have oh so much to say.  Of course I would be an excellent listener as well and you would have my full attention for as long as you need to chat, vent, reason, etc.  We might be there for hours, but here with go with edition #1

Let’s chat about The Bachelorette – First, I’m impressed by how much the men analyze their surroundings and situation. Sure, we women are usually known for being the queens of “reading into cues” or just jumping to conclusions.  Boy do those men win the prize of reading into the date cards, body language, and more.

Second, it’s great to know guys get just as nervous about dates and first impressions as gals do.  Just saying, putting yourself out there can be tough!

Third, I laugh every time someone says they are looking for true love on that show.  Um, you know you are dating someone who has 25 other prospects and you have to watch them interact 1×1?  Yeah, good luck with that.

The fact they filmed in Santa Barbara got me yearning to go back and visit.  Love the biking, hiking, and walking through waves.

Let’s chat about my kitchen experiments – This weekend’s attempt to make horchata (slight fail? It might be salvaged with some cold brew coffee) and first go-around with coffee ice cubes after seeing my friend’s success on her blog Sweet & Salty.

Let’s chat about running injuriesRunning Winging a half marathon with some heel pain may not have been my brightest moment.  It’s turned into heel spur, which leaves me limping around.  Likely causes:

  • Running too often or running on hard surfaces such as concrete (Welcome to NYC)
  • Tight calf muscles (I’m terrible at remembering to stretch!)
  • Shoes with poor shock absorption (My work flats probably don’t help)

Now it’s time for the Internet’s tips on recovery –> ice, rest (ugh), stretching, and maybe a massage?

Let’s chat about the upcoming Blend Retreat – Nervous and excited seem to round up my emotions.  Nervous that my heel, which has been acting up (heel spur possibly?) will not be 100% and impair some activities.  Nervous to remember so many names (I may not have done the best of research and blog stalking…good thing there’s still a few days to go).  Excited to make some new friends! Excited to be outdoors and exploring a new area of the country.


Let’s chat about Bryant Park’s list of summertime activities – From movies in the park to dancing lessons, from yoga to musical chairs – they have it all!

What would you tell me on our coffee date?

4 thoughts on “Coffee Talks

  1. Well we already chat about all of these things but I’m sure we could go on for ages so we should probably set up a “coffee” date in the near future 😉

  2. Yay! Can’t wait to ACTUALLY chat about these things in person this weekend.

    I KNOW I’m going to embarrass myself by not remembering peoples names – I meant to blog stalk all my roomies beforehand but life has just been too crazy. Luckily chatting in person is a much better way to get to know someone anyway! Here’s hoping our injuries get better ASAP!

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