A Brunch to Remember

Living as a young professional in the city can be tough.  Especially when more than half of your paycheck goes to rent.  I really mean more than half here.  Anyways, it’s nice to live a little on the edge and treat yourself once in awhile.  While I do love my Kate Spade splurges, one should diversify their investments and so the next best option is an experience.  How about the New Yorker’s favorite – brunch??

IMG_4849It’s just like applying to college.  One must have a list of safety, target, and even those reach locations.  I’ve found myself at the corner bakery for a classic NY bagel and schmear, a diner for a stack of waffles or pancakes, and then there is The Boathouse.   Who wouldn’t want to sit and eat at this picturesque location?  It has been featured in films such as When Harry Met SallySex in the CityLittle Manhattan, and 27 Dresses.

Hope had thrown around the idea of going to brunch and mentioned that she had always wanted to try The Boathouse.  Well, I am always game for an adventure and had also expressed an interest in eating at the iconic location.  Since they don’t accept phone reservations, we decided to give it a shot.

IMG_4850Doors open for weekend brunch around 9:30, but there is a much more casual option of ordering from a side bar and sitting in the back.  This is a great option for those wishing to run or walk about the park and saddle up to the window while still still adorned in their get fit clothes.

IMG_4852If you are more interested in having a drink, then there is that option as well.  Although, you have to wait until 12, when the NY officials allow one to indulge in those adult beverages.   The atmosphere and decorations reminded me of a golf course clubhouse with proper seats and white linen tablecloths.

IMG_4853Hope and I arrived around 9:35 and got into the line right away.  Although, we were surprised at how the time passed so quickly and we soon found ourselves seated and looking out over the water.

IMG_4855The prices on the menu may be a bit steep but I swear that each dish is worth every penny.  I may very well have spent $18+ on brunch elsewhere, but I doubt the food or atmosphere would have been as grand.

IMG_4856As you sit down, you are graced with a basket of delicious zucchini bread.  Really, if you want to know what type of breads I enjoy, it’s the ones with the most ingredients and flavors and spreads.  Ah, it was so flavorful and had just the right amount of sweetness and gooey texture.  Spread a little softened butter on top and I’m in seventh heaven.  Definitely not a paleo approved meal here. 😉

IMG_4857Hope went for the “Fried Eggs w/ Esposito’s Breakfast Sausage & Potato and Gruyere Tart” $19

Now normally my sweet tooth gets the better of me and I have a slice of french toast or mini stack of waffles in my presence.  But, this time I decided to be good and limit my sweet habit to the basket(s) of zucchini bread on the table.

The decision came down to “Eggs Florentine w/ Chef’s Vegetables” $18 or the “Warm Quiche Lorraine w/ Apple wood Smoked Bacon, Gruyere Cheese and Leeks” $18

IMG_4860The morning was simply a treat and another item has been checked off my bucket list.  Have you ever been to The Boathouse?  What are some of your favorite brunch locations in the city?

IMG_4861The Boathouse ~ Central Park
East 72nd Street and 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10021
(212) 517-2233

9 thoughts on “A Brunch to Remember

  1. Oh my! I totally can recall those scenes in 27 Dresses and when Harry met Sally! Sooo cool! That’s just one reason why NY is awesome. Living the life, girl!

    And of course the breakfast looked fab. What a good treat. ☺️

  2. Ooh… that food looks amazing! I’ll have to keep the Boathouse in mind for when I visit New York with my mother-in-law in a few months!

  3. I completely remember seeing this place from across the little pond while i was in nyc two times ago. such a gorgeous view! and look at those cute little row boats out there! gahh!! i love it!

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