June’s Random Thursday Thoughts

Crickets…crickets…anyone?  Yep, it’s been a bit quiet over here.  You would think that returning from a blog retreat I would be inspired to pound out the posts.  Well, besides feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the goodies we brought home, I’ve sort of felt out of place in the blogosphere.  I’m not sure where my writing plants me since I don’t provide any race recaps or training reports and am in no shape or form able to dish out nutrition (although I try).  So, maybe it’s time to link up with Running with Spoon’s Thinking Out Loud 🙂

~ The lag in creativity may actually due to the fact it took over 12 hours to travel home on Sunday and I’m just recovering from it all.  Sure I could have taken my computer on the plane but I wanted a weekend away from social media.  So there.

~ Deciding not to attend Monday’s 7am spin class was probably a great decision.  This would have meant running on 5.5 hours of sleep (cranky Kaitlin), walking a mile in the rain, and fighting the humidity.  Yeah no.

~ Despite the thought above, I am attempting to motivate myself to workout in the mornings.  Slowly but surely the 6:20am alarm is becoming possible.  I’ve only hit the snooze button two of the four days so far.  That’s a 50% success rate so, solid.

~ When does a heel spur go away?  That would of course mean that I stop/reduce all sorts of activity…

~ Why does my phone lose it’s battery so quickly these days?  I swear I don’t use it that much during the day and all of a sudden it’s at 20%

~ I still have those wonderful realizations that I live in THE New York City.  It usually happens when I’m walking through the streets (ok on the daily) and look up and listen to the conversations and characters around me.  No where else folks is there so much to explore and take in.

~  Has it really been a whole year since college graduation?  Wow.

~ It’s been ages since I wasted spent all my time on Pinterest.  I think it’s time to find some crafty ideas or recipes to experiment with.

~ What type of posts identify with my blog?  Since I don’t post much about nutrition or workouts, I don’t really fall into the “healthy living category”.

~ Should I be studying for the GRE even though I don’t know if/when I will take it?

~ I need to diversify my weekday routine.  I feel like all I ever do is wake up, go to work, eat at work, work some more, work out (sometimes in the morning), go home, watch TV/blog, and go to bed.  Yes I like working out and I spice it up with my weekly softball league but maybe I need to find some more exploration buddies.  If you’re in the city, shoot me a note!

Any random thoughts on this fine Thursday?


30 thoughts on “June’s Random Thursday Thoughts

  1. Well you know my thoughts on all of this. I kind of felt the same way today after finally getting all my Runners world posts together. I think sometimes we just need some direction. But you can always text me anytime and we can work on finding that again! And complain about our random heel pain…

  2. I was at work yesterday and my phone died within a few hours. Insane! I want to hear just about anything in your life – adjusting to the new city and that softball league. I’ve been breaking up my week by going out on weekdays, but that might not be the best thing. Oh, and when I moved into the new house, I was crafting all the time.

    • I tend to move my phone from my bedside table where it is charging to my desk where it charges. Such a sad life for a little phone. LOVE CRAFTS! I may have to get some of your tips 🙂

  3. Ugh I hear you on trying to figure out your place in the blogging world. I love to run, but I don’t like to write about it 24/7, and since all I do these days is run, eat, read, and play with the boys, I’m lacking some diversity. Maybe that just means I need to come hang in NyC for a weekend 😉

  4. I’m trying to start becoming a morning workout person, too. You’re doing better than I am so far–I still have to snooze for a while before I’m able to get up, but I only had to snooze for 15 minutes today instead of the typical 45 minutes-1 hour (yeah…definitely not a morning person), so it’s progress! 🙂

    Re: not really knowing where you fit in with the blog world, I’m with you. It was easy at first, because I talked a lot about food and running. I’ve since switched over to a lot more life-related things, but I’m not really a lifestyle blogger (and let’s be honest, my life isn’t interesting enough for that). So I’ve been kind of lost on that front, too.

    Also, still totes jelly that you live in NYC.

    • Good for you! Progress is still progress 🙂 Yes, it’s all about finding and thriving in our confidence and just doing what we love rather than relying on other’s standards of what’s right. You should come visit again 🙂

  5. A weekend away from socal media is wonderful and much needed. You’ll get hit with the bug to blog more when the time is right 🙂 What I love about your blog is that you talk about anything you want. You haven’t worked yourself into a corner where you can only talk about “x” topic, which is great! Plus, NYC is really my favorite place in the world, so I love living vicariously through you and seeing the places you explore, the food you eat, and everything. Plus, when you’re home in Cali, I mean, those recaps are pretty awesome too! It beats having 2 amazing places to call home! Oh, and a trick on waking up earlier. I’ve always worked out before work, but about a year ago, I wanted to get up even earlier to get longer runs in… so what I did, was every few days I would set my alarm for about 5 or so minutes earlier, that way I eased into waking up earlier, and then within a few weeks, I’d be awake maybe 20-30 minutes earlier than when I started, and it allows your body to get used to a few less minutes of sleep, instead of shocking your body from one day getting up at 6 am and the next day 5:30 am. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Isn’t breaking up with social media once in awhile necessary? I think so. When I go home it’s nice to just shut my phone OFF. No (lesser) fear of FOMO. Aw thanks girl, I’m glad the random thoughts and updates entertain some.

      Like other things in my life right now, I’m not really ready to follow the written or unwritten rules. That’s such a good idea about waking up! I’m usually good about getting up and going, but the transportation last week just killed me!

  6. I honestly wouldn’t stress too much about trying to classify yourself as any kind of blogger. Just blog about whatever you feel passionate about, even if it seems to have no rhyme or reason. There are tonnes of lifestyle blogs out there that do really well, and I feel like the voice behind the blog is so much more important than the subjects of the posts. People pick up on passion 🙂

  7. I feel you on your NYC realizations, only it definitely happens over here in Chicago, too! Gotta love this city life, right?
    And oy, the GRE brings back fond memories (not)- but I definitely have experience taking the new GRE format if you’re interested! What are you thinking of going back to school for?

    • Oh man, living in the city is so crazy sometimes! As for the GRE, when in the world will I use that vocabulary? Hmmm, yeah no. I’ve always thought business school comes next after a bit of work life but who knows. Maybe I”ll change things up. Ok, realistically I’ll be back for my MBA but not sure in what yet.

  8. My phone has been dying quickly too! Strange! I think they have a one year expiration date and after that they just start falling apart 🙂
    Happy Thursday!

  9. Gaaah. I would KILL to be your exploration buddy. You know how I feel right now since I talked your ears off all weekend. Sigh. I have a v-e-r-y similar weekday routine. 4:30 a.m gym, eat, work, school, eat (while watching food network), bed. REPEAT. I need some variety to keep me refreshed and alive. Somehow we need to find a way to be in the same state and both of our dilemmas will be resolved. LOVE YOU. That is all.

    • Ah well you just need to get your rear out to NYC 🙂 I was inspired by your dedication although I don’t think the 4:30 is in my future just yet 🙂 Slowly but surely we will find out what makes us happy ❤

  10. I just started blogging and I sometimes worry I won’t have anything interesting to say, so i can totally relate. NYC is great there is so much to do! I’m from Long Island, very close by!

    • I think a number of people have reminded me that we are all unique and sometimes what we have to say will really help inspire someone else! Keep going 🙂

  11. I totally feel ya. I stopped blogging for a couple months while at school. I guess I just felt really busy and I wasn’t sure what the purpose of my blog was anymore. Safe to say, I remembered how my blog keeps my family updated with my life & it has gotten me to know other bloggers like you! Like you, I feel like my blog doesn’t really have much of a category. I rarely post about running/working out, my recipe posts have been lacking, I don’t talk about fashion, and I definitely don’t really talk about beauty. While it is definitely difficult to not be able to categorize your blog, it can also be good to not have your blog fit in a certain genre. I mean think about it, how many runnning, fashion, cooking/baking, etc blogs are there out there. A lot. Now, I am not hating on those blogs because I definitely love reading them, but I definitely see value in blogs that chose to live outside the lines. Your blog is unique in that it keeps all of us readers up to date with your adventures and thoughts. That’s why I love reading your blog 🙂 I am so happy to have found your place on the internet! Keep up with the good work Kaitlin and don’t worry about having to make your blog like other blogs 🙂 I hope this helped/made sense!

    • This did help a TON! I do go in waves where I have so much to say and so many ideas of things to post and then days where all I want to do is live life and not really worry about what I should be documenting. I guess it’s just like life to go in and out of phases of interest 🙂 I love reading your updates, especially since getting to know bloggers is my favorite and you happen to be at my old stomping grounds. Like I told Carrie before, we would have hung out all the time had I still been there! ❤

      We all have our place and space just like you said. Some food and fashion and fitness bloggers are amazing and that's why I read them but trying to be something I'm not just isn't my jam.

  12. 1. You would never find me at a 7am spin class, so props to you for EVER going to one bahaha!
    2. It’s going to be TWO years since my college grad and I cannot believe it. Nope.
    3. I’m still not sure where I belong in blogland either, you’re not the only one! Just keep doing your thing, you do it fabulously, you needn’t worry about where other people think you should belong 🙂
    Happy weekend !

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