WHO IS PUMPED FOR THE WORLD CUP??  (Yes, I spelled the word “goal” in the Spanish method)  Of all the sporting events, soccer is probably my favorite.  This is most likely correlated with the fact that I started playing soccer when I was in preschool.


I didn’t really play but rather complain about running, annoy my teammates and drive my dad nuts.  He was always my coach and I always felt the pressure to perform and sometimes felt different than the other girls.  But, something started to click when I was in 8th grade and I started to really enjoy the sport.  Soon this daisy picker turned into a soccer athlete.

IMG_0556The days I spent at SCU soccer camp without realizing I would end up there 4 years later for college


Also, I feel like everyone has their own special sport they like to watch (disclaimer – if you don’t like sports, ignore this generalization).  It often is related to the sport they grew up playing and so for me, would be FUTBOL!  There’s something magical about the art of soccer, the passion of the play, and the speed of the game.

CIMG7387Just exploring the Olympic stadium in Barcelona

American football – you better block out 4 hours for that.  Sure it’s fun but what’s up with the timeouts?

Hockey – who knows what’s happening there

Baseball – It’s America’s favorite past-time and can be exciting but let’s be real.  How many nail-biting moments are there?

I’m not hating on any of those sports because I love to watch it all but soccer is like nothing else. I grew up watching the Los Angeles Galaxy play at the Rose Bowl and later at the Home Depot Center.  Any Cobi Jones fans?  How about Landon Donovan?


We also were lucky enough to be present at the 1999 Women’s World Cup.  All my good pics are at home but here’s a little love from my time at Santa Clara.  I LOVE BRANDI CHASTAIN! Just saying.


Of course watching my own country play is fun but how about roaming around Europe and Spain?  That’s where the true passion is.

My trip to Madrid’s stadium was nice, but watching a game in Barcelona was even better.


I was talking to some of my friends recently and we were confused why people act surprised when we say we like sports?  So girls don’t usually like to watch sports?  Sure, I don’t watch ESPN religiously but I don’t mind attending a sports match or watching on TV once in awhile.  I guess we are quite unique in that sense.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do” – Pele

20 thoughts on “GOOOOOOOOOL…It’s Friday

  1. I agree with your generalization b/c soccer is def not my thing. I only played when it was all abotu the snacks (aka pre-elementary school lol) I am all about some Hockey or Basketball though! Not so much Baseball…you’re right, even the “exciting” moments aren’t that exciting lol

    • Oh man, the early days of snacks are when my food traumas started! I should do a post about it. Basically the Tfred (dad) promised ice cream post practice and then forgot and I didn’t want to speak up when he passed the exit. Now I jump at the chance every time.

  2. I’m PUMPED for the World Cup! Soccer is also my “special sport” that I like to watch, although I never played it growing up. I wanted to very badly, but my city didn’t have any youth leagues until after I moved away. I played baseball as a kid and during high school and early college I watched the Red Sox religiously, but then I studied abroad and soccer got its hold on me. I’ll always have a special place for the Sox in my heart, but I can’t watch games anymore – not enough happening! I’m jealous of your stadium touring in Spain… looks awesome!

  3. I am soooo ready for the world cup!!! I also spent my youth playing soccer, and rooting for the NY Cosmos, with soccer GREATS: Pele, Giorgio Chinaglia, Franz Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto and many others. (yes I’m old). Still my favorite sport to watch, though I’m also partial to American Football and the NY Giants … Go BIGBLUE!! 😉

    • WOOHOO! Those are so many great players! yes, I do love my American football too 😉 Although I love watching college over pro. Just how I grew up

  4. I love soccer, too, even though I suck at playing haha. The game is so exciting and the fans are insane! Love their passion. Your American football commentary made me laugh haha since those are my exact thoughts, much to Joe’s dismay 😉

  5. i am just in love with any and every type of sports. even like hockey which i have minimal knowledge of i just love the excitement of the stanley cup! i have been soooo enjoying watching the world cup so far. the emotion and excitement that goes in to it is just insane! and the fact that it only happens every 4 years?! i mean come on, that is awesome!!

    • I think I would love any event if there is enough excitement and emotion and rallying going on. The crowd can make or break it based on their emotion and attitude! Just like anything in life 🙂

  6. I love sports too 🙂 I know that hockey confuses you as well as a lot of other people, but it is one of my favorite sports. Granted, I grew up skating and playing ice hockey.. so that may be why I love it so much 🙂 I also love rowing, but it’s really not that fun to watch. You can only watch around 1 minute of it.. so it’s really not a spectator sport. Also, I love all of your Barcelona pics 🙂 I am planning on studying abroad possibly my junior year, so I still have to decide where I want to go!

    • You would think growing up I would watch the Kings and then in college the Sharks but nope. Just wasn’t my thing 😉 Ah going abroad is amazing! Definitely a worthwhile experience!

  7. I like sports – I used to love basketball and be obsessed then I really got into the UFC, and I’ll watch anything live.

    So now I know how you have those rockin’ legs…

  8. I am a huge life-long sports fan and know more stats and information than the majority of the male population. People are always shocked to hear this or hear what I know when I start talking hockey. So yeah, hockey is my thing. I will ignore the fact that you list it as the sport with the who knows what’s going on there mainly because I have zero interest in soccer lol. So here – we are even. Have a great weekend!

  9. This post owns my heart. HECK YES to finding another soccer chick 🙂 I’ve been playing since I was 8 and although I am a sports fanatic in general, soccer will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. Landon is of course my fav [naming my son Landon – if I ever have one!] which is why I was crushed when he was left off the squad this time. The US is going to miss him that is FOR SURE.
    I actually went to a Tisha Venturini soccer camp when I was in high school and earned MVP of the camp, which got me a free pair of the USA women’s soccer warm-ups. I was pretty stoked 🙂

  10. I was never good at soccer, but the way you feel about soccer is the way I feel about softball. I could watch it endlessly, I love it! I also love hockey, but I have to be actually at the game, otherwise I’ll fall asleep!

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