A Day at the Smorgasburg

The Smorgasburg is a nifty little food festival that is held in the good town of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I went for the first time back in the fall but couldn’t resist another opportunity to explore the great eateries from the city.  The first time my roommate Hope and I went, we had just eaten brunch and subsequently had to skip out on the actual eats from the vendors.

IMG_5050IMG_5023IMG_5031The wide variety of doughnuts offered was impressive.  While I had my eye on these butternut squash babies, I held out for something a bit more tropical and refreshing for a warm summer day

IMG_5037Ah, the joys of ice cream on a sunny day.  Not to mention the variety of those flavors!

I’m almost positive that we discovered the origin of the word “Smorgasburg“.  First off, there’s the word “smorgasbord” is a Scandinavian term to describe a buffet-like meal with many hot and cold dishes on one table.  It originated in Sweden and has many other meanings and titles in various countries.

IMG_5049There’s plenty of space to sit or roam.  Fields to lay out and the option to bring your own picnic.  

IMG_5040A nut butter shop with some worthwhile options.  I think my friend Marnie can do one better and we’ve even thought about opening up our own stand.  Her recipes and my sales techniques 😉

Apparently it made its international debut at the 1939 New York World’s Fair when it was served up at the Swedish Pavilion’s “Three Crowns Restaurant” (note).

Anyways, add the first part of the word “smorgasbord” with the fact that today’s festival takes place in Williamsburg and viola…Smorgasburg!

IMG_5036Leah and Marnie testing out the juice of a fresh coconut – liquid, which was surprisingly light and not nearly as bitter as the other 100% fresh coconut water (packaged variety)

This time around I was traveling with two adventurous runners who were ready to test out Brooklyn’s best.  We decided to go about the festival in a strategic manner, first taking a walk around the park, surveying our options, and then take a second trip to pick out a few dishes.  From there we could each sample each other’s selections rather than restrict our taste buds to one simple dish.


IMG_5044Since we had a vegetarian in our midst, we thought it only fair to select the “vegetarian” bruffin – spinach, ricotta, and nutmeg.  I’m not sure what it was supposed to resemble but I could distinctly pick out some croissant flavor.


After a bit of walking, wandering, and sampling, it was time to decide on the main event. Marnie and I decided upon the Mexican sandwich, which we had heard only rave reviews about and really, tell me that doesn’t look divine?

IMG_5048As mentioned, I did hold out for something sweet.  We had spotted this chocolate covered frozen fruit stand before entering the Smorgaburg and made a mental note to stop by later.  With the following flavors – papaya, pineapple, kiwi, banana, and mango – all covered in dark chocolate, who could resist?


The food, the weather, the company.  All such a treat on this fine spring afternoon.  An occasion and event, not to be missed.  See you soon Brooklyn


100 Vendors Every Weekend 11am-6pm
Saturdays in Williamsburg at East River State Park
Sundays at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5
Best to have cash on hand – ATM available

15 thoughts on “A Day at the Smorgasburg

  1. Ok this sounds awesome! I love the name haha, and all the vendors you showed sound fantastic. I’m amazed you guys could pick a bruffin, though…I’d still be trying to decide on which one I wanted haha

  2. That salted caramel peanut butter…. stop, my heart. I probably would have bought ten jars of that haha! Your day trip out with your friends sounds like it was a blast :). There’s nothing I love more than good company and good food!

    • That’s so funny! I always hear people raving about this market and finally made it back! October will be a PERFECT time with all the fall foods too!

  3. This event sounds wonderful. I had thought of going in May when I was in NYC but the timing didn’t work out. I love the market/farmer’s market vibe and might need to try to come later in the summer. That peanut butter sounds soooo good! 🙂

    • The best part about my friends is that we don’t mind splitting all the delicious goods. Truth be told I was a bit full but better than if I had eaten it all myself! I guess that’s a criteria I look for in friends – willing to share food 😉

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