So Long June

I swear that I do more than just eat, eat, eat.  Although, this weekend’s marvelous happenings would say otherwise.


Friday was spent with a sunset on the west side of Manhattan with my coworkers.  I had actually never been to this part of town (~68th and the water) and it was picture perfect.  I would love to go back and run the west side all the way down to the Highline or even go back for lunch one day.

IMG_5104Morning run around Battery Park

Saturday ended up being a lot of sit around and wait.  I was bouncing between some lease and rent drama to waiting around to show the apartment to a few potential subleasers.  I swear, the whole process of being a big kid really isn’t all that glamorous.  My PSA for the day – stay young as long as you can.

However, all the pain of being stuck in one place was rewarded with a trip to Brooklyn to see my new friend Marnie.  Together we chatted for hours and made two different types of nut butters.


~ Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Almond Butter  &  Lemon + Honey Cashew Butter ~

Nut butters truly have been on the rage lately and so I’m thinking with the right amount of marketing and the perfect flavor niche, we might be able to go into business.  Ok reality check.  Let’s just say we have a good project for holiday gifts and enjoy mixing up flavors on our own 🙂

IMG_5236 We also decided to try our luck at one of the hole in the wall spots of Brooklyn.  This Mexican joint was a recommended tortilleria and boy was it a hit.  Not only were the ingredients delicious (I had tacos – chicken + enchilada or “spicy pork”) but the prices were beyond reasonable.  I guess this stems from the fact that we are getting used to outrageous Manhattan prices – try $12-$15 for a decent salad.


All about the blueberries – whether they are fresh, frozen, or blended into a smoothie, it’s time to ramp up those antioxidants. Scrumptious results thanks to the Peas & Crayons recipe here.


My Sunday started off with a spin class led by Jen and then a homemade brunch.  I’ve been able to attend more spin classes recently and love having Jen as the teacher.  Always good playlists, which to me can make or break a class.

From working out, I went to indulge in a whole bunch of homemade food.  My friend Mia happens to have a bunch of friends in the city and thought it would be fun to make our own Sunday brunch.  Between the mega fruit salad, stuffed french toast (gold-star worthy!), eggs, bacon, and scones, I’d say it was a huge success.


The remainder of Sunday was spent exploring a food convention, prepping the week’s food and cookies for coworkers, finishing up season 1 of “Friends”, and re-organizing the apartment.


With that folks, we say goodbye to June and hello to a brand new month. So long June, it’s been real.

What was marvelous about your weekend?

23 thoughts on “So Long June

  1. Loving your blog, I now look forward to each addition! This one has inspired me to bake with blueberries today! Would love to sample your nut butter too!!! (You know dark chocolate is my vice!) See you Thursday!

  2. It was a marvelous weekend for you huh? 🙂 I love the look of those scones! I am trying to use blueberries in everything right now, enjoying them while I can! I had a lovely time at a friends wedding, which was absolutely beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful week!

    • Blueberries really are on the rage with summer! I’m so glad you had a good time at the wedding. I love dancing, so that would be quite enjoyable for me 🙂

  3. Your nut butters sound amazinggggggg. I love making my own nut butter, but I never get particularly creative, at least not in terms of mix-ins. Definitely something I need to start doing again! (I used to make chocolate peanut butter every now and again but haven’t in a long time. Too long of a time, really!)

  4. That brunch looks pretty great! As do those tacos… mmm. I personally don’t mind all the talk of food on your blog lately! 😉

  5. What a fun weekend! I want to have a nut butter party and brunch with stuffed french toast. Yes, please! My weekend was awesome because I went on a date night with my husband. We do this once a month where we get dressed up, grab some food and then some type of outing.

  6. those nut butters…sign me up!!! i remember when i first got my food processor and realized how easy it was to make my own nut butters instead of spending a butt ton of money for it at the store. plus at home you can customize what you want!! win win!!

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