’14 Fourth Favorites

That time to link up with Blonder Side of Life and and Healthy Diva Eats share some holiday favorites from the weekend.  Hope you enjoyed your 3+ day vacation and welcome back to the grind 🙂

1. Flashbacks ~ Some holidays are the same year after year and others bring in brand new traditions.  Always a joy reminiscing. IMG_5162 2. Home-cooked food ~ Because the 4th isn’t truly the 4th without a few rounds of burgers and BBQ IMG_5232 3. Furry friends (silly and sneaky Wrigs decided to eat 8 hot dogs at our BBQ) IMG_5219 4. Celebration of red, white & blue (especially in the edible sense) IMG_5188 5. Walking the boardwalk ~ Since I have deducted the heel problem is plantar fasciitis, I was left to bounce in the waves and walk along the piers rather than run off my excess energy.  Not the same but what can I do.

6. Fresh summer produce IMG_5179 7. Picturesque sunsets ~ Although, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sunset that was not stunning or memorable.  It’s really the times that I am on vacation or make it a point to slow down and watch the sun disappear that I am thankful for another gorgeous day IMG_5187 8. Stuffed French toast IMG_5229 9. Beach days ~ sun, waves, sand ~ what more could you ask for? IMG_5178 10. Game time ~ Thanks to the first hurricane of the season, we were stuck inside most of Friday.  But thanks to a handy round of “Salad Bowl” (take on Apples to Apples/“Things”/Charades) + Wimbledon, we were set to go. IMG_5171 11. Ocean City Classics ~ We didn’t get to hit all the good spots this trip, mostly because we were lucky to dine on homemade goodies, but the Mallon’s sticky buns did happen to make an appearance. IMG_5231 12. Happy Hour ~ That prime time for snacks, your beverage of choice, the occasional soccer match, and a good long chat on the front porch IMG_5233 13. Fireworks ~ What we saw at the beach on Saturday night (postponed due to the hurricane) was pretty neat but not nearly as spectacular as what I used to see skyrocket over Lake Crowley (California) when I was a kid. 14.  Friends, family, and a good time photo

How was your 4th of July?  Link up with Blonder Side of Life here and Healthy Diva Eats for more post-4th festivities!


24 thoughts on “’14 Fourth Favorites

  1. The food for the Fourth celebrations are, dare I say it, perhaps my favorite part? The family part is of course #1 but since I never live close to family it’s more a friend holiday for me. Summer is seriously the best for so many reasons! Glad you enjoyed your weekend!!

  2. Your weekend looks fabulous and I’m so glad you got to enjoy an east coast 4th! There’s nothing like the beach on the holiday weekend. Food, family, friends- that’s all you can ask for 🙂 and even if you do have PF, jumping in the waves and walking the pier is a pretty legit workout to me!

  3. It looks like you had a great time at the beach! I love that you still had fun staying inside due to the hurricane. My family isn’t really big on the beach, but I bet it would be fun to be there on the weekend!
    I totally have the same bowls that you have your cherries/peaches in! My mom has the whole set of them.

  4. How in the world have I NEVER had one of those delicious looking sticky buns all the times I’ve been to Ocean City. It’s almost like I”ve been committing a crime year after year. Haha! Glad you had some fun & didn’t let a little rain interfer w/ your vacation!

  5. 8 hot dogs?? Goodness pup, I hope you felt ok after that one 😛 Your weekend sounds absolutely awesome. You just made me want stuffed French toast and cinnamon buns like all get out haha. Salad bowl is one of our favorite games and always leads to lots of laughs, especially in the last round 🙂 I hope the heel heals fast girl. PF is a sucky thing 😦

  6. my 4th was not as cool as yours!! haha. i was working all weekend as usual, but i loved seeing everyone else’s fun happenings. your weekend looked like it was perfect! 🙂

  7. What a gorgeous view to compliment the sunset! Looks like a fantastic 4th! I’ve only ever been to Ocean City, Maryland and that wasn’t as nice…

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