July Life of Late

~ I think it’s time to put together a summer bucket list.  Every other post out there seems to include one.  Am I failing as a NY tourist/blogger?  I just may include some things I’ve already done and hope I accomplish the rest in the next month and a half in the city.

~ Do you think there are people who live for Mondays?  It seems everyone lives for the weekend, ecstatic that it’s Friday, but I rarely hear people say “oh I’m so glad it’s Monday” or “Tuesdays are just a breath of fresh air”.

tumblr_leefgrjwzY1qb8xspo1_r2_500~ Did you used to fight over the first scoop like my sister and I did?  Oh there were battles and arguments for sure.  Thankfully all three nut butter jars that I have rotating are mine all mine.

~ Realizing I still come into work way too early.  The normal hours are 8:30-5:30 but of course I’m the only one who has the bad habit of waking up early and getting to the office.  I guess it will pay off in the long run.  😉

~ Attempting to live it up in the city midweek with a trip to Little Italy.  Only my friends and I were too indecisive/hungry to really research restaurants.  Of course I selected the worst possible option – the pizza looks somewhat appealing but was definitely stiff as a board.  Also, who plays dubstep dance music in an Italian restaurant?  That might have been a warning sign…

IMG_5327 ~ Having the unique opportunity to live with one of my favorite sorority sisters (below on the left) for the summer.  Sam has an art internship in the city and is crashing at my place for the next few weeks! We also met up with a fellow Theta in the city, who I met on LinkedIn.  Just making use of those networking skills!

IMG_5328~ I’m usually the type of person who can never say no to something sweet.  Unless it’s ice cream in 90F humidity at 8:30PM.   Yeah, no.  But who could pass up fresh fruit pops from People’s Pops?

IMG_5329 This shop located in the east village, just down from Big Gay Ice Cream (where the line is usually around the corner for overpriced, yet scrumptious cones).  I went for the strawberry & blueberry Popsicle ($3.50/pop) and did not regret it.  All the goods are made with local grown fruits and herbs so there is no hint of added preservatives or syrups.


808 Union St. – Brooklyn (12P-9P M-F & 11A-10P Sat & 11A-9P Sun)

Chelsea Market area – 16th St & 10th Ave (11A-9P)

425 W 15th St – btwn 9th and 10th (10A-9P M-Sat & 10A-7P Sun)

118 1st Ave at 7th St (2P-9P M-W & 12P-10P Th-Sun)

~ Saturdays at Williamsburg East River State Park ~
Brooklyn (11A-6P)
~ Sundays at Brooklyn Bridge Pier 5 ~


12 thoughts on “July Life of Late

  1. Sounds like July has been fun thus far, lady love! Can’t go wrong with homemade popsicles and trips around town (although boo to the crappy pizza…I didn’t think that was possible in NYC…Pittsburgh, yes, NYC, no)

  2. I’m so behind on reading blogs that posts like these make me feel like i’m kinda in the loop! 😉 I honestly cannot imagine living in a big city with East Coast humidity! I could definitely live without it! haha That popsicle looks amazing!

  3. Those pops look so delicious. I love breaking up the week by doing something during the week.

    I like Mondays and Tuesdays right now because my job is Wed-Sun during the summer.

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