Camelbak to the Rescue & A Giveaway

Water, water, water.  It’s one of the most precious resources we have and it’s oh too often taken for granted.  Sure, I’m guilty of taking one too many (long) showers and I guzzle it all day long without thinking of where it’s coming from or feeling grateful for the accessibility.

It’s the summer days where I find myself drinking the most water.  Time spent running in the heat and humidity and afternoons hiking along Mammoth Mountain’s best trails.   I guess you could say that water is my beverage of choice – filtered, fresh, sparkling, or flavored.  After all, it keeps the body hydrated, the skin clear, and the metabolism revving.


As a runner, I learned to consume my fair share of water so that I could stay hydrated.  There were times during my prime where I was guzzling almost 6 bottles before lunch.  That was not the smartest of plans, but then I was trying to do everything in my power to follow the rules and drinking water was one of them.

But where does your water come from?  Yes, the original source is important but let’s bring it down to more of a personal level.  Do you drink tap water right out of the faucet?  Do you splurge on bottled water? (cough cough TFred) 😉  To be honest I’ve never been picky about where it comes from and usually end up filling right up from the tap.

IMG_0873Sure, this is plastic but it was pre-nalgene ownership

Back in high school I started carrying around a large purple Nalgene with me.  Later on I discovered the Camelbak water bottle with a built-in straw and thought it was one of the greatest inventions.  Now I alternate between 2 or three different bottles and still love my Camelbak.  It’s handy when at the office or walking around town and gives me some piece of mind that I’m helping to reduce the trash tossed into the landfill.  Not to mention that one of my favorite places is the beach and the ocean and it just about kills me that we dump so much of our waste into such a precious resource.

Now that I live in the grand old city of New York, I’m surrounded by apparently the best water around.  The local folks claim it’s what makes the bagels and pizza dough that much more desired.  When I was at the Blend Retreat I picked up a Camelbak Relay.  While the NYC water is pretty tasty, I like having a filter in the fridge to clean it up just a bit more.

This jug has a 10-cup capacity and really is perfectly sized for any fridge, even the itty-bitty one I had back in college.  Sure the filter seemed a bit large at first, but you can taste the difference.  Not only that, but it filters quite quickly in comparison to my old Brita.  When I’m feeling extra fancy or motivated to drink more water, I like to throw some lemon slices in the mix. Not filtered of course, just in the base 🙂

Do you filter your water? Tell me your favorite way to drink water (hot, cold, with lemon, etc) 🙂

Comment below and one lucky winner will receive their own CamelBak Relay (water filtration pitcher).  Submissions must come from users within the US and must provide a non PO Box address if selected.  Giveaway ends this Friday at 12pm EST.


20 thoughts on “Camelbak to the Rescue & A Giveaway

  1. The water where I live is good to drink out of the tap but I filter it with a Brita! I like my water ice cold – whether it’s in a glass or bottle doesn’t really matter to me. I like to put lemon in my water, or true lemon packets!

  2. I REALLY miss the NYC water, but I still drink straight from the tap here in Denver. I definitely like it as cold as possible so I load up my Nalgene with ice 🙂

  3. I think my water is all filtered haha. The boys have a Britta which I use there, and the water at the house that I’m staying at comes from the water dispenser in the fridge, which I’m assuming is filtered? Who knows haha. I use a big old Nathan’s water bottle daily to make sure I’m drinking enough….love being able to fill it and take it with me everywhere 🙂 and I like water plain with some ice!

  4. I am literally obsessed with water. I can guzzle it like no tomorrow if it has ice in it, but if it’s just cold water with no ice, it takes me awhile to drink it. I am so weird. I used to track my water intake for my CrossFit coach, and he said I drank the most water than any other human that he knew. I think I was at like 220ish oz of water a day! and I had NO idea NYC had such great water. Now I won’t feel skivved out when I fill up my nalgene when I’m back in the city!

  5. I had no idea that NYC had ‘the best water’! I thought it wouldn’t be as good since it’s a pretty heavily congested city, but goes to show I don’t know very much! 😉 I’m loving the water up in Nor Cal right now, though we always filter our water at my house. Could totally use a new water filter! 😉

  6. Luckily at work we have filtered water so I constantly refill my water bottle but it would be great to have access to filtered water at home!

  7. I used to filter my water when I first started trying to drink more of it, until I learned that my town got its supply from what was supposedly the best water in Massachusetts. It was actually pretty good! We’ve moved since and our new water isn’t nearly as good, but I haven’t gotten around to getting a new filter. I usually just pop a Nuun tab in if I have one, or throw a ton of ice in to make its taste a little less noticeable 🙂

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