What makes a NYC bagel dough so special?? Certainly beats me, but I’m hooked.  That is a strong statement coming from the girl who really could do without most bread products.  Usually they just don’t appeal to me unless smothered in some form of sauce or spread.

Some claim it’s due to the city water.  Others believe it’s how they boil the bagels before serving.  Whatever they are doing, please don’t stop.


Look at those schmears!  From lox to blueberry and oh so many more 

Do not under any circumstances ask for your bagel toasted.  A big no-no here.  I guess it’s all about the New York process of eating a bagel.  Sure if you really want your bagel toasted, I’m sure they will do it but you will certainly get a lot of dirty looks and grief for asking.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

IMG_5336Apparently Ess-A is known to be a distributor of one of the top 3 Black & White cookies in the city.  I can vouch for their deliciousness; light and fluffy cookie with a decadent frosting.

I told myself I wouldn’t fall in love with the city too much as it would make it difficult to leave.  This clutch combination certainly won’t make it any easier when that time comes.


whole-wheat everything bagel w/ blueberry schmear + iced coffee

~ All products served are certified kosher ~

359 1st Ave (1st + 21st)
New York, NY
**Original location est. in 1976

831 3rd Ave (3rd + 50th)
New York, NY

9 thoughts on “Ess-A-Bagel

  1. NYC literally does have not only the best pizza, but bagels as well. All the good food really does make it hard to leave. Haha

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