Wednesday Wisdom & A Camelbak Winner! 

My grandma always told me to stop and take time to smell the roses. I’m sure as a child I simply thought she wanted me to check out her rose garden.  Maybe that was true as well, but as I aged and matured, I started to understand the true meaning.  There will be times that we have to go-go-go and get things done.  There will also be times where you have absolutely nothing to do and you don’t need to freak out about this.  Even in this crazy city there are days or moments where I’m at a loss of what to do or what to say.  There aren’t too many rose bushes to smell, but I’ve discovered that it’s still important to take a moment and breathe, to slow down, and to absorb what’s around.


Monday night I had agreed to take a spin class at 8 pm on the upper west side. Seeing that I was off of work around 6:15, that left a chunk of time in which I could 1) Work more, 2) Complain that I had to wait for a spin class, or 3) Wander an area of New York that I was unfamiliar with. I hope you know I ended up with #3 but I guess #1 and #2 are just as likely.

Anyways, once I relaxed and didn’t worry about accomplishing something significant or monumental (you know, just build the next 8th wonder of the world), those 90 minutes were eye opening. I simply walked around, listened to people and cars, stumbling upon new treasures.  I turned my music off, I took my headphones out, and I just opened myself up to the city.  I honestly would have never guessed what types of stores, restaurants, and treasures that exist up there.  #winning

Oh and the spin class I took? Absolutely amazing. It was with one of my favorite instructors and we had a DJ and Congo players and remixed music videos. It was like going to a club and riding a natural high wave. I bounced out of there at 9pm beaming and filled with a new sense of accomplishment and ready to enjoy life.

IMG_5434Some other random thoughts for this wacky Wednesday:

  • I think my hometown in California has had more humidity than I have here in NYC. Of course now that I said that I’ll probably get smacked in the face with an unbearable heat wave.
  • Confession – I can’t always be a yes person. I’m too much of a people pleaser and like to make everyone happy but it can wear a person down some days.  Anyone else feel that way?
  • I walked past a construction site (typical in the city) and a mom was showing her 3-year old son how the crane works. You don’t really get that “hands-on” lesson in the suburbs do you?
  • A truck honking it’s horn in the middle of an intersection doesn’t really get it anywhere. There’s probably a reason all the cars in front of you are stalled.
  • I (my skin more than anything) am looking forward to clean and fresh air.  The humidity and smog and grime certainly takes a toll.  This might be a sign that I need to put more time and effort into my beauty regime.
  • Finally, I’ve had some assistance from my partner in crime to help select the lovely water loving winner….congrats Lish from JumpEatRun! Email me and we will get you set up with a Camelbak relay!

“Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.” – Louis L’Amour


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom & A Camelbak Winner! 

  1. That is an awesome way to spend time before that class 🙂 sometimes I take the boys for walks around the neighborhood for the same reason…just to see and hear what we can. That spin class sounds like one I would actually enjoy, too. Raving and riding? Sign me up 😉

  2. When I lived in a bigger city I used to LOVE just wandering around aimlessly. I can definitely relate to your feeling worn down by always saying yes, I am the exact same way! I also loved coming home to the wide open spaces and the smell of fresh air. There’s nothing better!

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