Summer Vacation Love

My oh my oh my. After a complete week off of work, blogging, and most organized exercise, I’m not sure where to begin. Honestly I’m torn between having so much to say and not having anything at all.  There sure are a ton of jokes and stories encountered over the last few days but without sufficient processing, it’ll probably just come out as jibberish so until I find the right moment to share, we’ll leave it at that.

Over the past 10 or so days, I tried to cut myself off from technology and work, which is something I’ve never been able to do before.  It was my own mini-digital-detox and it enabled me to stay focused and fully enjoy vacation.  By any means, it was just the right amount of time with friends and family to keep me sane and also ready to get back to NYC city life.

IMG_5454_Fotor_CollageFriday was spent between appointments, lunch with the family at Lemonade (1 – they do support my blogging but love to make fun of my pictures 😉 and 2 – see my thoughts on the delicious eatery here), and an outdoor country concert! I swear, outdoor concerts are oodles better than indoor concerts.  There really is no comparison, especially when it’s as beautiful as Griffith Park.

Dierks Bently Concert

This time at home also helped me realize a few things about myself.  Like everyone, I’m a work in progress and as countless articles and bloggers and writers have pointed out – growing up is tough.  It’s been over a year since I graduated college and yet I’m still trapped in this confusing world of living on my own, creating my own rules and schedule and then looking back on my hometown, my family, and the life I used to lead.  It’s time to figure out how much I can allow myself to rely on my parents, the familiarity of home, and how much I can accomplish on my own as an adult.


Sometimes I wish I were closer so that I could play golf, watch a sports game, take Bodie for a walk after work, or make dinner with them.  I worry that I’m not making the most of the time in New York or even if what I’m doing makes a difference in the world.  Whatever it may be, I know that my childhood was an influential part of my life but that life is in the past.  I know that if I were at home, I’d probably be isolated (there aren’t many young people in our town) and I definitely wouldn’t have the opportunities as I do in New York. Yet at the same time, it’s human nature to reminisce and consider how the grass might be greener.

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I really only was at home for a hot second but it truly was a marvelous California trip. From morning runs and hikes with friends to a trip the Getty Villa, catching up with grandparents and extended family and a jaunt up to Mammoth, we did it all.  We even embarked on a 2 day white-water rafting trip down the Tuolumne River, just outside of Yosemite!


We finished off the trip with a visit to Laguna Beach and a full-on family reunion.  I had a blast in the ocean (Pacific > Atlantic for sure) and chatting and joking with my cousins, all of whom are in junior high, high school, or entering college.  Such a strange time to look back on!

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“Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure.”
– Jack Lemmon