Fancy Food Hidden Gems

I totally human nature to keep to what’s comfortable.  From clothes to fitness workouts and even the items we stock the pantry with.  The same peanut butter you grew up on, the same cereals from those good ‘ol camping trips, or even the same brand of milk or yogurt.   But once you’ve seen something new and fabulous, it really is difficult to go back.

It’s always nice to throw a couple of new goodies in the shopping cart when I’m at home, mostly because my mom will pay for it (if she doesn’t catch it before it slips through the conveyer belt) 🙂  But when I’m on my I don’t do it as much I like to pick up new samples when I’m shopping at home.

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Breakfast Time
~ Power O’s ~ Purely Elizabeth ~ Bob’s Red Mill ~

Love Grown Food Power O’s
~ ~

Purely Elizabeth Granola
~ ~

Bob’s Red Mill
We all know this brand for it’s wide selection of flours, oats, mixes, and more.  Their motto is “whole grains from the heart” and who could argue with that? Bob founded his company on the idea of taking care of one’s health and it certainly is a name you can trust.
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Grady’s Cold Brew
~ ~

This New Orleans-style iced coffee is actually brewed and bottled here in New York (Brooklyn to be specific).  I’ve spotted it in quite a few stores, most notably Whole Foods, and boy do they have some great recipes – from the normal iced brew to a boozy sort and even smoothies (they are big on the chia seeds too 😉 )!  They’ve recently started selling coffee bean bags, which are perfect for brewing your own cold brew coffee at home.

What makes it so special? (source)
~ One 32oz bottle makes 8 cups of coffee (iced or hot)
~ Gourmet iced coffee straight from your fridge & fresh for a month!
~ All-natural ingredients: water, coffee, chicory, spices.  No preservatives!
~ Low-acidity (clutch)
~ Locally brewed and bottled by hand out of Brooklyn, NY

IMG_5296_Fotor_CollageAnd who could forget the delicious dairy aisle?
~ Siggi’s Yogurt ~ Arctic Zero ~ Fage + Fage Fruyo ~ Magnolia ~

Magnolia Iced Treats 
~ ~
Premium tropical ice cream, made in the USA with real fruit.  Just grab a bowl and you are transported straight to the islands of Hawaii. Aloooooha!


Nikki’s Coconut Butter
~ ~
Paleo + Vegetarian
Gluten + Dairy Free
Made with organic coconut + natural organic sweeteners


“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson