California Mountain Summer Bliss Part 1

Back in the day we used to make scrapbooks so we could look at pictures and remember the good times we had.  Since I don’t have all my crafting supplies back east with me, posting here is the next best thing.  Well, it might be better because I get to share all the California love with you 🙂  Here’s a little look at some of our Mammoth Mountain favorites from last month.


Schat’s is a MUST and if you can’t make it to Mammoth, there’s also one in Bishop.  I remember the days that my grandparents would always bring back a medley of donuts for us kids.  Their bread is above par and I highly recommend the sourdough, wheat, and oh the cheesy loaf.  If you happen to be there in the winter, pair the cheesy loaf with some spaghetti and it makes for a divine post-ski dinner.

There’s even a cafe in the back if you are up for a sit-down kind of deal.

IMG_5580 Checking out the samples and surveying our options


Meghan the head chef for the night grilling up some personalized pizzas.  This was a first for me and if I had a grill in NYC, it would happen weekly!


Simply pick up some dough from Trader Joe’s, brush with olive oil and pop on the grill for a hot second (seriously).  Flip, allow the dough to bubble, add some sauce and toppings, close the lid, and viola, dinner is served!

IMG_5585Kaitlin’s meals are never complete without a scoop of ice cream.  And this is why you will not see me on the cover of Fitness magazine.  No matter how much I exercise, I can’t seem to cut out my sweet tooth habit.

But anyways, Jeni’s is definitely the way to go if you are willing to make the splurge.  Even better if you can find a 50% discount like we did!


OH MY DEER! Wildlife alongside our trail!  She was interested in what we had brought for lunch.  I don’t think she would have liked the peanut butter rolls I had packed, but one never knows.

IMG_5599 Oh John Muir, what a guy.  I really would have loved to see the land from his perspective and then compare it to how drastically it has changed.

IMG_5603Our epic hike to a hidden lake past Convict lake was interrupted by a freak rainstorm.  Of all the time I have spent in Mammoth, I’ve never encountered such weather.  Luckily we were only 3-4 miles away (yeah really “only”) and it was a short trip down the mountain.

IMG_5611 From hiking in the clouds to running in the clear air.  I can never get enough Mammoth in the summertime.  It’s actually one of my favorite places to be and while I do love it in the winter, nothing beats moving around in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in the great outdoors.

IMG_5527More marvelous Mammoth memories to come…

12 thoughts on “California Mountain Summer Bliss Part 1

  1. Dude, if being on the cover of a magazine means I could never eat ice cream again (or every day..), then I don’t want to be! Your vacation looks so awesome- I’ve always wanted to try grilled pizza but sadly I don’t have a grill either. Oh well.

  2. Haha i love that dinner always comes with something sweet. I’m the same way (although I do that with every meal including breakfast)…makes life a lot better in my book! Love the look of that hike, too! Gorgeous 🙂

  3. When I was a freshman in college a girl in my dorm and I would walk a little over a mile to the original Jeni’s location before they branched out and totally splurge and then walk back telling ourselves that the calories didn’t count because we walked! Love that they are famous now!

  4. I neeeeed to try grilled pizza!

    And I am absolutely with you on the ice cream and sweet tooth front. If having dessert after every meal is wrong I don’t wanna be right! ☺️

  5. I’ve never had grilled pizza before, I actually didn’t know it was a thing, I need to try this!! Also, I truly believe you aren’t living life right if you don’t eat dessert – life is too short!

  6. the grilled pizzas look so yummy, my parents love making that on the bbq! and you should never give up ice cream 🙂 one of life’s delights!


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