Trip to the Getty Villa

So a few weeks ago, Snapchat sent all of its users a video of the popular attractions in Los Angeles.  Having grown up in Southern California, I was pretty disappointed that I really hadn’t visited any of the “popular” areas except the beach.  Emi from The Well Traveled Wife had a post about being a tourist in her new-ish home and while I’m essentially doing the same thing in New York, I thought it would be perfect to practice in California.  So, with Snapchat and the fear of missing out as my motivating forces, my friend Lindsay and I decided to buckle down and start exploring.

First stop: The Getty Villa

Getty 1

Located along the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway, the Getty Villa is a museum dedicated to the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria.  The location itself was built by J. Paul Getty and was designed after the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum (say that five times fast).

We had ordered our free tickets online the week before, which happened to be a clutch move.  The attendants won’t actually allow your car to enter until you hand these over. 

Because Mr. Getty had accumulated so many wonderful artifacts and pieces of art, the museum soon had to split between this location and the larger Getty Center campus near Brentwood.


We couldn’t have asked for a lovelier day by the water.  While you can’t see it from this shot, the ocean is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.  To be precise, one would have an excellent view on that balcony.

IMG_5537Can you possibly imagine all the work that went into the design and creation of such mosaics?

IMG_5544There are multiple floors in which you are able to roam; from paintings to sculptures, artifacts, to replicas, they have it all.  I would highly recommend taking one of the free tours offered.  Then again, wandering at your own pace is always an excellent option 🙂

Getty Villa 2  Artifacts on the premise date from 6,500 BC to 400 AD. The statues can be found in many of the rooms as well as in some of the gardens.  I honestly could not get enough of the mosaics and of course had to re-post one of my favorites.

Getty Villa 3

The Getty Villa
17985 Pacific Coast Highway
Pacific Palisades, California

 Hours Wed-Mon (10am-5pm) ~ Parking $15

Of course a trip to the west side isn’t complete without a stop in Santa Monica.  Lucky for us, Lindsay’s sister lives just by the Promenade, so we had prime parking 🙂

After some window shopping (better for my pocket book anyway), we headed down to the Lowes Hotel for a quick seaside drink, followed by dinner at the hotel’s Ocean & Vine.   I have to say, the bread basket was out of this world.  Seriously, the array of pretzel bread to sourdough rolls and even slices of warm sun-dried tomato, was delicious.  While there were no pictures of the first or second courses, I was able to squeeze in a few shots of my favorite part – the dessert.

~ Hazelnut Crunch Brownie Cake ~ The Beach Berry CocktailFireside Baked S’mores ~

Santa Monica~ Lowe’s Hotel ~ Ocean & Vine ~
1700 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

5 thoughts on “Trip to the Getty Villa

  1. Omg that museum is gorgeous! I’ve never heard of it before but will now definitely check it out when we make it west. I love places like that 🙂 so cool to see such beautiful pieces of history. And any restaurant with a breadbasket like the one you just described sounds like heaven to me 😉

  2. I love the Getty Villa! When we went we got tickets for the weekly tea they offer, where many of the snacks are made with herbs right from their gardens. It was super tasty, and fun to eat treats from the gorgeous gardens we had just walked through! I couldn’t get enough of the mosaics either… the whole place was breath-taking!

  3. Okay, so I’ve never been to the Getty Villa, and after reading about it here, I have to go next week! This will be perfect when I start teaching the students about Greece & Rome!

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