Celebrating Good Times in NYC

Well folks, a year has come and gone and today happens to be my 1 year anniversary of living in the big ‘ol apple aka one of the craziest cities in the country (if not world), and yes, I’m still loving life.  There honestly are times where I have to stop and simply take a look around to fully understand how I got here.


There were ups and downs and I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is, but I don’t think I have been this confident or happy in years.  I’m still in the midst of those crazy mid-twenties, where you don’t really know where home is, where you might meet your friends or if you even have friends in your new town.  Well, arriving one year ago today, I didn’t really know a single soul in the city.  Ok, not true.  I knew people but that was mainly through my internship.  No family, no friends, and no stability.  I was put to the test and I like to think that this sink or swim mentality helped me thrive.


I saw it as an opportunity to break free from my insecurities and show people the person I wanted to be.  I stopped stressing as much.  I wasn’t as high strung.  Instead, I took my love for exploring and working hard and went to town (but really).

I enjoyed my first official fall filled with changing leaves and all the pumpkin one could hope for. (Also to realize how obsessed the blogger world is with pumpkin…yours truly included.  I refuse to start this year until October 1st but more on that later).

IMG_3914When my sorority big sister, Mary, came to visit 🙂

I started the fall with an internship and soon found myself in my first full-time job.  Not only was it my first job out of college, but it was at a very well respected company with an even better cohort and management team.


Poor quality picture and a bit old but I truly have lucked out here


I survived my first winter (fingers crossed as the worst) with one helluva lot of snow.


I ran a half marathon (and almost PR’d) through crazy 20mph winds and wind chill of 9F.

IMG_1414_FotorI served as a tour guide for a few of my friends and family.  Meghan here – putting on a brave face in January (note that it was probably the warmest day of January, and possibly winter, on this day)

IMG_2185Making some of the best friends through blogging


I realized how magical spring can be with the return of the warm days, seaside races (AND a PR!), and blossoming flowers.


I found new places to run, but always returning to my favorites – Central Park, the Highline, and the East River Trail.


I made friends (mostly due to my friend Laura’s amazing networking skills) in the city.

IMG_2937These are just a few but there are so many more.  We go out, we explore, we eat, we run, we chill at home, but most of all, we have fun.


Then there was summer where I bounced up and down the coast, experienced a few freak rain storms, some humidity, and some oddly cool weather.


Took advantage of every free concert possible – between the Today Show’s Concert Series at Rockefeller Plaza and ABC’s Music in Central Park.

IMG_4870I dove into yet another club, November Project, and love it.  Let’s hope the 5:30am wakeup calls don’t do me in (that or the soon to be chilly weather).


But all in all, I made it. I made it when some people questioned how this California gal could. And I’m not done. No, not just yet.  The lease is signed for at least one more year and as I usually tell people, I’m not unhappy, so why change what’s not broken?  With so many new friends, hobbies, and activities, the options for the future are endless.


“You have to go whole heartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having” – Frank Lloyd Wright


13 thoughts on “Celebrating Good Times in NYC

  1. I. Love. This. It took awhile but you really found your way in NYC. Reading this made me realize we 1) need to plan a trip soon and 2) REALLY need to catch up.

  2. YAY!! YAY!! YAY!!! it was so weird because i was thinking how much more confident and comfortable you seemed when i visited you in august compared to when i visited in january. it seems like you have really adopted NYC as your home. i never doubted you for a second! 🙂

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