Nickel & Dime, Shaving Money & Time‏

A new month is here and for some it means the start of a new school year. A time for books, clothes, and maybe even a new computer. For those of us who aren’t heading back to the classroom, it’s still a change in the season and for me a way to reboot my goals for the month. A bit of a challenge to look at my expenditures, workout habits, and eats.

When I decided to move to new York last year, I did my best to create a budget. I vividly remember my dad sitting down with me at the corner restaurant listing out what might be some worthy categories. Now that I’ve lived here for a year, I can honestly tell you I did not stick to my budget. I was caught up in the city, enamored by Kate Spade, and loved baking for co-workers. Not to say that I regret any of it, but there were and are some ways to be smarter about living the young adult life, especially in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

Here are some tips and tricks, with the inspiration of the Dollar Shave Club, to keep more money in your pocket key while still having a good time

  • Brunch – Everyone here loves brunch, but when meals can cost you up to $17-$30/meal, your wallet may not be smiling after awhile.
    • Try making your own brunch – invite friends to bring their favorite dishes
    • Purchasing a bottle of prosecco for $10.99 will most definitely leave you smiling instead of the $10.99 glass you will be served out.
    • Split entrees — If you are like me and this is not your first meal of the day, it may be smart to split with a friend
  • Groceries – learn which grocery stores provide the most bang for your buck. This could mean shopping in the bulk section for shampoo or even picking up produce from the veggie man on the street corner. Sure, you will have to decide whether you are going all-organic and want to solely buy from whole foods, but they aren’t known as “whole paycheck” for nothing. — meal plan and make your breakfasts and lunches for the week ahead of time. This will not only save you from the $12+ salad lines, but help keep your diet healthy




jar2Bsalad2B2 (source)

  • Divide up the goods among roommates/housemates – sharing may not be useful all the time, but if you both tend to use the same product and don’t nickel and dime each other out of the apartment, then give it a shot!
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee – Sure it seems cheap, an iced coffee for $2 here and there, but it sure adds up!  Test out your own cold brew or iced coffee/tea at home (tips and tutorial to come)

iced coffee (source)

  • Pack your meal and work/gym bag the night before –  This will save you plenty of time in the morning, prevent you (hopefully) from searching for this and that and instead allow you to roll out of bed and go.
  • Clothes & Hygiene – invest in products that will last and won’t give your body grief.  I have purchased my fair share of cheap tank-tops, toothbrushes, and razors, thinking I was saving money, but ultimately I spent more trying to replace them.  I’m not saying you need to break the bank, but putting some care into your daily routine could definitely help you down the line.

Which brings me to Dollar Shave Club, a company that I recently discovered and love the idea of.  Basically, you select a razor and pay a small monthly fee, and they send the replacement blades to your place!  How convenient is that?  These days with grocery shopping online, Seamless food delivery in NYC, and now shaving blades, you would never have reason to leave your apartment?  Obviously I place a high emphasis on cleaning because I have razor blades up there with food and well, food. 🙂  Check it out and you may be surprised at what tricks you pick up along the way!

No compensation was given for this post, just my desire to find the best and most fun products for your enjoyment.

 How do you manage to save time and money?


12 thoughts on “Nickel & Dime, Shaving Money & Time‏

  1. Now that I’m living on my own, I’m learning how to budget. It is HARD. As in, I still don’t really budget but I probably should start paying closer attention… oops.And time- I could definitely be more efficient. I just like to do all.the.things!

  2. Funny, I just paid my credit card bill this morning and realized I should probably calm down a bit this month! Travelling is expensive (but totally worth it)! Budgeting is such a good idea, but definitely takes work to stick to it! And time management? I’m the worst.

  3. i seriously need to join the adult world and do a better job with the whole budget thing. i kind of have an excuse because i don’t technically have a full time job yet, but soon enough!!

  4. Great tips hun! I’m a huge believer in meal prep on the weekends and making my lunch/packing snacks the night before. I got out of the habit of that last week when my schedule was crazy and never had enough to eat which was a big problem haha. Definitely making it a priority this week! And looking into that shave club thing! Sounds awesome to me. I always howl when I have to spend money on razors. So expensive!

  5. Great tips! Thanks for these, I am just preparing to start a budget for my boyfriend and I. We had to make all the new house purchases, and now its time to knuckle down, which can be tough when you care about what goes into your body. I think a lot of your tips will help a lot….even though the brunch one breaks my heart, but pancakes are easy to make at home 🙂

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