Marvelous Manhattan – September Edition

While my family is suffering back in California with temperatures over 100F, we’ve been lucky with some cooler temperatures.  Even Sunday morning brought some fall-like weather, catching us off-guard with a chill in the air.  Sure, the weather did warm up in the afternoon, but it was nice to catch a glimpse of what’s to come in the next few months.

Not too much has been on the books the past few weeks, some brunching, hiking, dodgeball, and oh yeah that thing called work that helps me pay the bills.  But since work isn’t the most exciting thing to discuss here, let’s move onto some of my favorites of late.

IMG_6034Brunching or lunching at the Waldorf Astoria.  Here we have THE Waldorf Salad (fresh apples, caramelized walnuts, grapes, celeriac) for $16.  Quite delicious for the experience.

The Waldorf Astoria
301 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022

IMG_6060 Finding your new scent for 30% off.  Yes please!  I had spotted this time after time at Anthropologie but never had the courage to drop $68 on a perfume that may or may not work.  Well, with a such a discount, it was time to make a purchase.


 What do you know, there’s now a Birchbox store in SOHO!  This is your stop for all those beautiful body, hair, and nail products.  I swear, it’s like the grown-up version of a candy store with rows and rows of goodies.

433 W Broadway – New York, NY 10012
(W Broadway + Prince St.)


I’ve been lucky enough to receive a few Birchboxes and there are a few products I absolutely adore.  There’s one sunscreen that you put on underneath or instead of foundation and it is possibly the smoothest feeling lotion I have ever encountered. The entire store is a goldmine of beauty products, perfumes, and much much more.  But don’t take my word for it…check it out!


Shopping and walking around town will help you work up an appetite.  Inevitably that means searching for something on Yelp because I still don’t know my way about restaurants in SOHO.  Well, finding this spot off of Yelp was an absolute win.

Burger & Barrel
25 West Houston, New York, NY 10012
*Highly recommend the Bash Burger (award winning)

As many note, “Notable burgers, upscale pub eats & wine on tap in a high-energy setting with a trendy crowd”  So, with this delicious looking picture, I leave you for the day.

For more things marvelous and wonderful, continue on here 🙂


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