Fall Eating Fun

Well what do you know?  It’s October 1st.  Let the foodie partay commence.



When I’m not throwing together a hodge-podge of oats + nut butter + banana, it’s off to smoothie bowls and yogurt cups, all topped with any granola I can get my hands on.

IMG_6478Coffee all day every day.  I’ve tried to be better about brewing my own cold brew at home or sticking with the cheap basic sort in the office.  But, every now and then a little treat is necessary, especially when it’s so-called National Coffee Day.  If you insist 🙂


My first time trying Dannon Greek and I have to say, I was quite a fan.  Plus the chocolate + cherry was a little bit like dessert (or so I like to tell myself…it will work eventually)


Probably my least favorite meal of the day, mostly because I hate feeling sluggish or tired at work in the afternoon.  I try to bring lunches from home, packing in the veggies or grilled chicken breasts.  Let’s just say it’s less than exciting here.

IMG_6396Oktoberfest in Madison, Connecticut

IMG_6458The one and only special sauce made by a friend’s mom.  Apparently it’s a Sunday tradition and boy was it tasty.  The sauce was packed with veggies and turkey meat and I practically dumped it all over my salad.


IMG_6505Eating out at Eataly
~ Spaghetti Squash Bruschetta ~ Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad ~ Cabbage/Greens Salad ~ Gnocchi ~

IMG_6232We’ve been cooking up a storm most weekends and I have to say, this mac and cheese is HIGH on my favorites list.  Packed with cheese and cheese and cheese, you really cannot go wrong.  Although, I let Lindsay take the lead on this one as I’m bound to cut corners and butcher the recipe.

IMG_6350Making dinner with friends every Wednesday night makes the week go that much faster and oh so enjoyable.  Lately we have been on a pizza kick but I think we’ll be implementing some good ‘ol Tex-Mex tonight with enchiladas and chips+guac.  I mean, 95% of the group is from California anyways…

Sweet Treats

Let’s see if you notice a trend here

IMG_6408Fall flavors at Oktoberfest – Pumpkin + Chunky Apple Crisp

IMG_6473Baskin + Robbins Pumpkin Cheesecake (this store is a bit too close to our apartment, which could be dangerous)


The grand finale.  Why go out when you can enjoy the season’s most popular flavor at home?  Who knows, maybe I’ll turn orange by the end of the season.

Have you jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon?  Have you ever been to Oktoberfest?


10 thoughts on “Fall Eating Fun

  1. I WANT ALL OF IT. I am a huge fan of Dannon’s Greek yogurt. I don’t care that it has some chemicals haha. I think they the best flavors, flavor, and consistency.
    I lurve pumpkin, and I have def drunk the Koolaid, but not as much as some people have, haha. Then again, that isn’t really saying much!

  2. Oh my goodness I have to know how the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin ice cream was! I have eying it up. Also I went to Stumptown coffee when I was in Portland this last spring and also loved their cold brew! Do you drink it dark?

  3. All those eats look amazing. I’ve heard good things about Eataly. I want to try some of that spaghetti squash bruschetta!

  4. I’m all pumpkin everything and anything now! Unfortunately where I live I’m super limited, we don’t get any of the cool pumpkin flavored stuff! I’d kill for some pumpkin ice cream!

  5. I’m from Madison, CT! Where was octoberfest? Don’t remember it! We’re actually heading to city on Saturday. Can’t wait! What’s a good outdoor dining spot?

    • There are tons of outdoor areas to eat all around the city! The Smith is nice up by Lincoln Center. If you wander on the Upper East or West side, they have tables lined up alongside the restaurants!

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