Chobani, Running, Pumpkin and More

Well, a fall weekend in the city just couldn’t get much better than this.  I may have come down with a cold but that didn’t stop me from my plans.

IMG_6553After Friday’s November Project, I traveled down to SOHO with Lindsay to meet our friend Naomi for breakfast at the Chobani Store in SOHO.  While there were about 5 different flavor combinations I wanted to try, I held it together and stuck with the seasonal favorite – pumpkin + cranberry + gingersnaps.  Naomi selected the same while Lindsay went along the granola + apple + walnut spice bowl.  Never a bad decision, especially when you get to take home the glass bowl.

IMG_6558 From there we walked a few blocks south to the popup Central Perk, a replica of the Friend’s cafe with the actual couch from the show.  Now since I’ve been watching every since episode from season 1, the couch seemed a bit small to me.  Oh well.  We still received a free cup of coffee and a picture on the couch, so I was good to go.  Memories made, right?

On Saturday I decided to venture out into the pouring rain and attend a local run club.  While it may not have been the best decision with a cold, I did meet a couple neat people and learned how to improve my running stride.  Leaving the store with some of these Warrior Chia Bars wasn’t half bad either 🙂

IMG_6561Snacks compliment of Lululemon Run Club – Meatpacking District.

So I guess I never mentioned that I have a couple new roommates here in the city! Well it’s actually safe to say that my friend group has grown exponentially and lucky for me that includes my friend/roommate Lindsay 🙂 We go way back.  Like elementary school status back.


Here we are up and at ’em early for our friend Laura’s race.  Laura was running her first half marathon and with a brisk start in the high 40’s and hundreds of leaves changing colors,  it sure felt like fall.

IMG_6575She may not have been smiling the entire race but for her first half and a 1:31ish time, I think she killed it!  Actually she was just happy because she saw us and she could hand off some of her warmer running gear.  Props to James for running right alongside (and without much training…I think)

I tend to have more of a competitive streak in me and knew that simply watching the race just would not do.  Instead, I ran to and from cheering all the runners on (mostly my November Project peeps even though they couldn’t hear me).  So much more fun and rewarding 🙂

IMG_6586I’ve already wrangled up all my cross-country friends to be our coaches for the next half marathon.  I would really like to PR in the next race and that of course means being healthy and actually in shape.  So, with a bit more focus on the recovery and cross-training element, gradual distance, and eventual speed work, we should be good to go.

IMG_6590Post race brunch at Le Pain Quotidien ~ Zucchini + Feta Fritatta (maybe the spreads x4 because we couldn’t get enough!)

IMG_6592While we weren’t the ones running a half marathon, 10+ miles does seem like a lot to cover and boy was I ready for sleep last night.  Too bad we finished eating around 7 and were ready for bed by 8:30.  That might have been a tad bit too early.

IMG_6593The rest of the afternoon was spent baking a batch of banana-pumpkin bread (possibly one of my favorites and tipping towards the healthy scale), cooking chicken soup, and binge-watching pro-football and the fourth season of Friends.  I have only ever watched sporadic episodes and while the show was filmed on a lot in California, but I feel so much more of a connection to it now that I’m in my 20’s and living in New York City.

For the week ahead, there’s some yoga + spinning, the last dodgeball game until next season, dinner with friends, November Project, and a trip to Boston!  Ok, I’ll throw some work in there 🙂 Can’t let the digital ad space down now, can we?


12 thoughts on “Chobani, Running, Pumpkin and More

  1. 1:31 for a first half! That is awesome!!!! Congrats to her! If you need any help along your journey, please let me know. I know you can PR, and I am sure you will with others to help you through the training. Have been meaning to try those chia bars, maybe I should now I have a recommendation 🙂

    • She is quite the runner. I would love your help and feedback!! I’m trying to get rid of this PF right now but will email you soon 🙂 I do love those chia bars, so definitely put it on your list!

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I’m SO jealous you got to got to Central Perk! I’m the biggest Friends fan, I can quote pretty much any episode and am so sad Central Perk won’t be there when I’m there! 😦

  3. mmm that pumpkin banana bread looks divine!! I can’t wait to give it a shot! Looks like you and Linds are having a blast! I’m going to have to come your way one of these days! 🙂

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