Welcome Back Fall

Goodness me.  Where have I been?  Absorbed in life, travel, and work.  I didn’t realize how much time (and energy) I’ve been spending at work.  Sure I’m sitting at a desk, staring at a computer for 8-10 hours a day, but still, the emotional and mental drain is still there.  Just the other day I either forgot to set my alarm or accidentally turned it off (both are likely) and subsequently woke up at 8, made it out the door by 8:09 and at work by 8:45 (thank you MTA delays).

I told myself I wouldn’t be one of those bloggers to just pop in to say hi.  But I miss it.  I miss the connections, the rambles (though you may not miss them 🙂 ), and the stories I can share.

I’ve been out to Boston, all over Manhattan, and practically frozen to my work desk.  During my little hiatus, I started to realized the importance of balance.  There were days where I wanted to blog, but disconnecting from technology felt so much better.  While I’m regrouping my bearings on this blog space, here’s some favorites from my current home base.

IMG_6360Good morning from Washington Square.  Another November Project adventure at lovely 6:28 in the morning.  Why 6:28?  I really don’t know. But it works.

IMG_4274_Fotor_CollageLaura convinced me to sample two of her top spots in the Union Square area.  First stop a bodega with cheap yet delicious smoothies.  Next stop?  Bread, sweet bread. Bread’s Bakery is a great spot for a baguette, tartine, or maybe variety of cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth.  

Alice’s Tea Cup
102 W 73rd St, New York, NY 10023

IMG_6330This was one of the top places on my lists of eateries to go to. Their scones are apparently phenomenal – the pumpkin scones out of this world.  While Lindsay and I made the trip in early fall, it wasn’t quite time enough for pumpkin, so I’ll have to visit once more.

IMG_6329Lindsay went with a selection of scones and I ordered the house granola with fruit and plain yogurt.  Both Lindsay and I ordered our own pot of tea, although we could have easily split one.  Come to think of it, we could have ordered the scone selection + one pot of tea and would have been just dandy.

Also, don’t get mixed up between their two stores as the Upper West Side is the entirely decked-out location and the one to go to.  People arrive in packs so it’s best to arrive early with everyone in your party.


More recaps to come and some other random tidbits 🙂 Ah it’s good to be back.

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.”
– Freya Stark


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