Trip to Beantown

A couple weeks back, Lindsay and I had the chance to travel and visit Boston or Beantown as it’s called by some.  I was quite unaware of the popular nickname, which actually dates back to Boston’s trade involvement with molasses and ultimately creation of Boston Baked Beans.  But, you can find more about that on Wikipedia, so for now, a look at fall travels up the coast 🙂

  I had only visited once before, about 8 years back, and Lindsay had never made it to the historical town.  Since I was able to take Friday off, we boarded the Megabus on Thursday night and made the 4ish hour drive north.


IMG_6639Even though we didn’t arrive at our friend’s place until about midnight, I decided to wake up early for a Friday November Project workout.  I guess you could say I’m addicted to the NP community seeing as I arrange my travel in order to attend a local November Project workout.

Boston is actually home to the original November Project group, started by two crew athletes at Northeastern.  Yes, it’s an odd name and obviously extends beyond the month of November. Anyways, NP Boston has three epic workouts – Destination Deck on Mondays (location changes every week), Harvard stadium stairs on Wednesdays, and killer hills on Friday.

IMG_6654After about 3 hills I came to the realization that I am so not in hill-running shape.  Back in high school (and even college), hills were just a breeze.  My home town is built up of them but oh boy, New York is a different story.

IMG_6667Ran some hills, ate some breakfast out, met some great people.  Good times.


Since our friend lives slightly outside of the main city, we took a short “T” ride into Cambridge and set off to explore the historic Harvard campus.  I loved riding the public transport and seeing all the sites of the city but I didn’t realize how different Boston is from New York City.  I guess over 13 months in the hustle and bustle will help change my perspective of pace, so I definitely thought Boston was slower.

Harvard CampusWe decided against any formal tour and instead wandered the grounds, gazing at the amazing architecture, and changing colors of the trees.  We even saw the massive crowds around the library, central grounds, and statue with the gold foot.  What I do remember from my first trip to Boston (where we did take a tour) is that the foot is definitely not gold from people rubbing it, but more like some frat boy fun.  I’ll leave you with that image…


IMG_6166But enough education for one morning.  We left the crowds of tourists far behind and took a “T” ride to Newbury Street for shopping!

IMG_6178What’s a trip to Boston without shopping?

~ the upscale boutiques of Newbury Street ~ Copley Place ~ Charles Street ~ and The Shops at Prudential Center in the Back Bay ~


I’m pretty sure we managed to walk in and out of every store along Newbury Street and get this – we didn’t purchase one thing!  How’s that for self control?  For some reason we just weren’t feeling any of it.  Good call for my bank account 🙂


So no major purchases were made, but we definitely had to check out one of the most popular chocolate stores in town.  L.A. Burdicks was the way to go after reading The Well Traveled Wife’s list of Boston Things to Do & See.

Turns out I had already been to L.A. Burdicks, just the New York location.  It wasn’t nearly as delicious as City Bakery but warmed us up on a chilly fall afternoon.   More to come on this marvelous fall adventure.


We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.” – Hilaire Belloc


11 thoughts on “Trip to Beantown

  1. Ahhhhh YES! You know I love all of this 🙂 I want to start trying out all of the different NPs. Next up will be NYC. Then maybe Philly or some crazier locations. So glad you had a great time in Boston. I miss that city.

    • Oh man i was pumped to see your Chicago stats! I really will be reaching out to you when i decide to try a marathon! Ill let ypu know if I’m back in the area 🙂

  2. I’ve made plans to go there next year. Haha. That’s a long way off, but still! I’m enjoying all the great traveling you’re doing and living vicariously through you!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! My sister lives in Boston and I’ve always loved it. After being in NYC doesn’t feel like a “city” as much as a collection of cute towns

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