Travels to Boston Part 2

Honestly, there’s no better way to share memories than through pictures, right?  Growing up, we would have scrapbooks of everything we did – from soccer seasons to family trips to those awkward first day of school pictures.  Here we are again with some Boston fun and a continuation of my trip to the NE a few weeks ago.




With the leaves changing, the ducks quacking, and people walking all around.





Free tea?  Yes please! Especially when Pure Leaf donates $1 to support their goal of delivering 100,000 pound of fresh fruit and veggies to communities in need.



The second day of our Boston trip started out with some rain, but that didn’t stop us from exploring it top to bottom.  First stop was the Boston Commons (why not make it once a day?) and then a quick brunch with our friend AJ before he went to study for his medical exams. Yes, the guy is still studying, what a champ.


We may not be ready for the rain and snow, but you can’t really change Mother Nature.  Just making the most of it by the park.


Of course I found the ducks.

IMG_6201One of the best burritos – filled with rice, beans, pork, and plantains!  A combination I never would have put together but totally worked in our favor.

IMG_6205We ended the night with a quick walk-by of Fenway Park.  What a beast of a stadium!  I can only imagine the hype and chaos that occurs after every game and definitely after the last world series.  Hopefully I’ll get out to a game next season but for now, it’s rooting time for the Royals. (Sorry, even four years in SF Bay can’t make me a Giants fan…Dodgers for life)

IMG_4043We didn’t get a tour of the stadium this time, but here’s a little throwback love.

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