October Favorites of Late

T – G – I – F! Boy oh boy it’s been a long week and I’m beyond excited for the weekend.  Not too much traveling to do but I do have a friend coming to town and an oh-so-special surprise event on Sunday.  My friend Lindsay scored us some tickets to the Michael Buble Christmas special at THE Radio City Music Hall.  Nothing like a little Christmas cheer in October to get you going 😉



Having been to Costa Rica (an also obsessed with the color turquoise), I was all over the pura vida and ocean minded vibe bottle.  Not to mention, this fancy schmancy MIZU stainless steel container is 100% BPA free and 100% recyclable. #Winning

I guess companies do benefit from posting pictures on Instagram.  They get my money.  People, this is why I have to delete shopping emails from my mailbox immediately or hide my credit card as I browse through the array of online goodies.  Sorry if that makes me sound like one of those people from TLC’s Hoarders show.


Dancing the night away at the B.B.King Blues Club in Times Square.  A group of November Project people had invited me to celebrate the end of their marathon training (and successful Chicago-race) and well, what else would I be doing on a Wednesday night? YOLO.

IMG_6740November Project workouts

Wall sits + making friends?  Ah those exercises throw me back to freshman year volleyball.  Nothing like shaking legs and random selfies to start your Friday


Post (or pre) workout snacks

These chia bars are quite on the rage and if you don’t mind having to pick out some of the little buggers out of your teeth (make sure to check a mirror before chatting it up with your coworkers), then I highly recommend!

I actually started hearing about chia a few years ago when I read Born to Run.  These seeds are filled to the brim with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber (help reduce inflammation!), antioxidants, and help regulate blood sugar.  A mouthful in more ways than one if you ask me!



Yes, this happened and yes, this hashtag is used a lot.  I was looking for a bag that zips and is large enough to fit my lunch, workout clothes, and normal purse goodies.  Oh,and not completely as bulky as the backpack I normally lug around.  I mean, the backpack totally works but I was looking for something cuter for the days I go out after work and don’t want to feel like a complete pack mule in the bar or restaurant.  Yeah, I found a bag just for that purpose.  Thank goodness for overtime.


Last weekend my friends Naomi, Lindsay, and I went to Central Park to participate in the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk.  While my company had a team walking, we decided to break free from the crowd and keep things at a brisk pace.  With chillier fall weather, we had to keep California selves from freezing (melodramatic, I know…Lindsay and Naomi are in for a treat with their first east coast winter) 😉

We ended up at Homegoods on the upper west side and I later ended the afternoon with a session of hot yoga.   Just the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

“What is important is to keep learning, to enjoy challenge, and to tolerate ambiguity. In the end there are no certain answers.”
– Matina Horner

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