Dining at NYC’s Quality Meats

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have dinner with my dad while he was in town for business.  We actually met up twice – once to see the musical “If/Then” and another for a nice dinner at Quality Meats.  Oh.My.Gosh.  This may have very well been one of my favorite dinners, especially with my dad.  The location we went to was off of 58th, between 5th and 6th avenue and had a very upscale, yet rustic feel about it.  Too many steakhouses end up being too dark to see what’s around you – a little sketchy if you ask me.   Between the wooden tables and tiles on the walls, it was just the way a comfortable steak house should feel.


My family has always been interested in the food industry and over the years we have been able to test out a number of different and often unique restaurants.  One of my grandfathers actually worked in the food business with Lawry’s Seasonings and was involved with the Prime Rib restaurants, so we tend to gravitate towards the steak and seafood genre of restaurants.


The big debate always becomes, do we go fish or steak?  Fish for heart health or meat for some iron since I rarely buy it myself?  Well, when the name of the restaurant actually has “meat” in the title, I guess it’s a sign.

IMG_6976Now how unique is that?  Serving bread rolls right in their pan, hot out of the oven.  The buttery flavor reminded me of my grandma’s famous Thanksgiving rolls, mixed with good ‘ol store-bought Hawaiian rolls.

IMG_6992Fig and cheese appetizer, compliments of the chef and enjoyed by yours truly (TFred isn’t so much of a fig fan, which is completely fine by me)


We splurged with appetizer of crab and avocado.  Normally my dad would order a Caesar salad to start, so I was so proud of him for going rogue and indulging in a little foodie fun.

IMG_6991Now time for the moment every diner is waiting for…MAIN COURSE TIME!  We decided to split the Porterhouse for two with filet +sirloin. Per my request, we asked for the meat on the medium to medium rare side.  Like other steakhouses, one is instructed to order the main course and then a few sides for the table.  We decided upon asparagus and waffle fries, although I could have gone for some Brussels Sprouts and Yorkshire Creamed Spinach.


Now, we had our fun in trying something new for our appetizer, so I decided we could go with something classic.  Although, all of those ice cream combinations did sound divine, or at least out of the ordinary.

IMG_6990May not the best lighting but oh my gosh, a chocolate molten cake and frozen yogurt is the best way to end one’s night.  I truly had such a fun time with my dad and I loved catching up.  🙂

Quality Meats
~ Locations ~ Menus ~
57 West 58th Street
New York, NY 10019
(between 5th and 6th avenue)

4 thoughts on “Dining at NYC’s Quality Meats

  1. Omg you just made my mouth water, and i am NOT a steakhouse girl. It’s rare for me to order one, but I want to recreate the entire meal you had! It looks soooo good! How was if/then?? I really wanted to see it. I love idina!

  2. OKAY. I need to come to NYC right now so I can eat all the food. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Time to plan a weekend to visit!

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