Family Time in NYC

IT’S OFFICIALLY THE HOLIDAYS!  No, I’m talking about full-blown Christmas cheer going on.  For some reason it just doesn’t make sense until Thanksgiving is finished.  So, now that it’s December 1st, let the games begin.  On another note, I’m sure I’ll get around to this posting thing again but for now, a little photo-dump of what’s been happening pre/during/post Thanksgiving.

My mom traveled out for a weekend at the beginning of Thanksgiving break (ah the good ‘ol days when we had a week off!!).  It was quite nice for me because I took Monday off in order to explore with her and as a result, only had 1.5 work days before the feasting festivities began.  With Thursday and Friday off, I could get used to the two-ish day work weeks.  Dream on 😉

We started the weekend lunching with our family friends at Alice’s Tea Cup

IMG_6298Everyone was drooling over the idea of chocolate chip salted caramel and of course blueberry lemon is also a classic combo.  Do the calories count if it’s vegan 😉 Just kidding, I would eat it all the same

alice tea cup sconesWe started off by splitting a chicken sandwich and finished up on the sweet side with a pot of tea + two scone combo.  The basil + goat cheese was thrown in by accident and while it wasn’t my favorite, it would be good alongside a winter soup (maybe just avoid the strawberry jam)


Filling our time with walks through Central Park & the new extension of the Highline Park on the westside of the city

IMG_6314Splitting sandwiches & salads ~ If only they had Chop’t on the west coast …

IMG_6315I spy some holiday cheer

IMG_6320Sweet treat at Magnolia’s Bakery (Rockefeller Center) before our matinee musical.  My mom has yet to sample the banana pudding but of course our arrival at Magnolia’s was not great as all the small sizes were sold out by 2pm.

IMG_7186Quite possibly one of the best musicals I have seen.  Both “Kinky Boots” & “Book of Mormon” are on the top of my list, but the unexpected plot and humor of “A Gentleman’s Guide” surely wins out for the musicals I have seen with my mom.


Later on Sunday night, we met up with my roommates and a couple friends for dinner at the Todd English Food Hall (basement of the Plaza Hotel)


^^ Madre and me 🙂

Laura and I posing with Eloise for one year reunion.  She even thought ahead and wore the same coat as last year!


I love comparing the two pictures and seeing how far we have come in one year.  On the left, we had only really known each other for a short time. Maybe I’m reading into it, but we look a bit more timid and not nearly as close as we do on the right.  That’s what countless hours of exploring and running will do to people.  A year later and we are much better acquainted and much better friends. 🙂

IMG_6322Tiffany’s looking mighty fine with its holiday decor


We took a quick trip through Bloomingdales and while we did not leave with any shopping bags, we did leave with a scrumptious (and should I mention FREE) red velvet cookie. (Note: the wrapper is edible…mind blown)  Bloomingdales and Cool Haus were pairing up for some social media holiday cheer.  Yes, I do have quite a lot of food pictures but what can I say?  I like to walk, shop, and eat. 🙂

“The secret to being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day” –

4 thoughts on “Family Time in NYC

  1. Edible wrapper with a red velvet cookie??? For FREE??? Mind blown and mouth watering! I love Alice’s Tea Cup 🙂 We took my cousin there for one of her birthdays a few years ago and had the best time….such a fun place to visit!

  2. I want to be back there so badly right now!! So much fun holiday stuff going on in NYC right now! That cookie looks amazing, I’ve never had a red velvet cookie before, only had red velvet in cupcake form!

  3. i’m pretty much always jealous you live in nyc but my jealousy sky rockets around christmas time. SUCH a magical place around the holidays. also considering book of mormon is also at the top of my list for favorite musicals i am thinking a gentleman’s guide would be right up my ally as well. it’s actually kind of a weird fantasy of mine to fly to nyc for like a 3 day weekend and do absolutely nothing but eat and go to broadway shows..i’m a wild child, i know.

  4. Alice’s Tea Cup is my FAVORITE!!! I used to go there occasionally for breakfast before work with my best friend, when we knew we could take our time and be a little late (they open at 8am and we worked at 9am). You should give the ham and cheddar scone a try – that one is incredible. I also love the pumpkin one for the sweet scones!

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