Giving Thanks in NYC

Well it’s sure been awhile since I shared a full day of eats but how about a little bit of what I ate on Thanksgiving?  Thanks for Jenn’s link-up where we can drool over everyone’s Thanksgiving meals yet again.

Since I have been traveling over the past few years, there really isn’t anything that would make the day “normal” for me.  Not to mention, a “normal” Thanksgiving from my childhood includes a 5k in 70F weather.  Hm, after arriving in a snowstorm and waking up to a bed of snow in a small lake community, I doubt that was going to happen. Ah well, maybe next year.


Yep, this is far from what a Southern California Thanksgiving looks like.  My roommate, Gaia, and I traveled through Wednesday’s storm out of the city and into a small New Jersey town for the holiday.  But, with a little luck, good timing, and four-wheel drive, we made it safe and sound.

IMG_7297Truth be told, I get a bit nervous when I stay over in someone else’s home.  This is simply because I love to work out in the morning and I don’t always know the protocol on making noise as I jump around or unlocking the door to go for a run.  Problems, problems, problems.  Since I’m still trying to rest my foot, running outside wasn’t even an option (not to mention I didn’t bring any snow-stable running gear).

So with a quick workout (thanks to the WOD deck of cards app) + Coffee + Thanksgiving Day Parade = Perfection.

thanksgiving 2014

Here we have Anna and Gaia (Gaia’s my roommate), both of whom are from Italy!  We were staying at Gaia’s family friend’s house and it was Anna’s first Thanksgiving.  Hopefully we didn’t disappoint (or shock) her.

There was some snacking that occurred throughout our preparation but I was trying (and trying hard) to save up for the big meal. I may have overdone it here because once I finished dinner, I don’t think I could move.


Not a bad Thanksgiving view (~3pm).  We had woken up to a snowy morning but by afternoon, the skies had parted.  I bet this lake is gorgeous in the summer! Since I’m quite the spring/summer child, that’s immediately where my mind goes to – warm weather.  I would much rather prefer sitting outside in the warm sun rather than chilly air. 🙂

IMG_7327 Food was prepped all throughout the day and by 4pm we were ready to chow down.  This was the first time I had ever had stuffing that was cooked inside the turkey and yes, I know it may not be as sanitary but boy was it tasty!  It’s safe to say that the stuffing + kale side dish had my heart.

I was so thankful for Gaia’s family friends to open their home to all of us.  It’s not the same as being at home, but it’s a new experience for the record books.


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