Oh to be traveling…

They say daydreaming helps you be more productive at work?  Really?  Probably not.  I may have just made that up because I would like to believe it.  Sure, I certainly wish I could be traveling instead of sitting on a bouncy ball at work, staring at excel charts for hours upon hours.  Then reality hits and since I don’t really have the means or job that enables me or requires me to travel, I keep on plugging away where I am. But that doesn’t mean I can’t think about my previous travels and the next time I get to jet-set away, right?


~ Barcelona ~


~ Hawaii ~


~ Lake Powell ~


~ Mammoth ~


~ London ~

After about 23 years of traveling, I’ve come to know what I want and need to carry with me.  There’s the necessary headphones and magazines for planes and the snack-packs for car rides.  There are the books or kindles for the road, and cameras to remember all that I saw.  Oh, not to mention packing some extra clothes in case your bag goes MIA – yep, I’ve matured enough to consider all the little things 🙂  Let’s dig a little deeper into my travel essentials.



I love acting as the photographer and thanks to my dad, I am always set up with the best point and shoot.  If I get really serious about photography, maybe I’ll invest more into the gear, but for now, my gear does the trick when I’m hiking, biking, and site-seeing.


Snacks so that no one goes HANGRY.  This isn’t usually a term I like to use but boy oh boy does it happen.  I love KIND bars because I can actually read all the ingredients and the different flavors keep us from getting bored.

~ Hand Sanitizer ~ Because I’m a germaphobe

~ Books ~ Definitely more of the physical book kind of gal – it’s something about turning the pages – but I also love my Kindle Fire 🙂

Running-Shoe (source)

There has been too many times where I found myself kicking myself because I forgot workout clothes/shoes.  One time, I spent the weekend at the beach and decided to run in my friend’s mom’s running shoes and my PJ bottoms.  Yeah, not the best idea.

bathing suit


I also try to never leave home without a bathing suit.  Who knows when you might find a nearby jacuzzi or end up by a swimming pool?  Again, there have been too many times where I didn’t bring one and regretted the decision.


Now we have the question of how to get to all these places.  The east coast is host to so many options – planes, trains, and automobiles, but this girl is smart enough to not own a car in the city.   I recently was contacted by RelayRides to spread the word about their peer-to-peer car rentals and thought it was a neat idea.  Funny enough, I did my senior business thesis on car sharing, so this was quite applicable to my interests.

There’s UBER, Lyft, Enterprise, Zip-Car, and so many more.  Where would you even begin?  I like the idea of peer-to-peer rentals and it gives you so much access to different types of cars.  How many times have we rented cars at the airport and searched for the perfect brand? Maybe not too many times but it’s fun to think about renting a good looking Porsche for the weekend.  RelayRides has so many different options and is located a tons of airports, that it’s almost a no-brainer! Plus, having access to your own car while traveling is much nicer than just getting dropped off location to location.  At least I think so 🙂

I have yet to pull the plug and go for a drive, but maybe in the New Year I’ll have an urge to take a road trip!  Anyone interested?

travel quote


So what are some of your travel picks?  Have you ever used a car sharing service?

2 thoughts on “Oh to be traveling…

  1. Yes to traveling and road trips! I feel like I don’t do nearly enough but then again every weekend I’m on the road to somewhere, it’s just usually someplace I’ve been before. I’d say it’s about time to shake things up and go somewhere new yea?

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