December Life of Late

I’m sure you have heard that New York is simply amazing during this time of year.  Well, that’s no lie and we are in FULL BLOWN holiday cheer.  We even received the first official beautiful snow (at least by books) on Wednesday.  It was a bit gnarly during the day but since I was inside the office, it looked just like a snowglobe.

IMG_7399The Plaza would of course go above and beyond.  I would expect nothing less of the 5th avenue historical spot.  That along with all the ritzy-glitzy stores like Tiffany’s and Henri Bendel and more.

IMG_7404A new fashion accessory purchased to hopefully improve my foot injury.  Curse you plantar faciitis and curse getting older.  Alas, the oh so attractive boot does seem to be helping.  First day running (super slow and steady) was back at Wednesday’s November Project and I didn’t have too many problems!


Because ice cream at any point of the year is necessary.  Now it’s just essential to stay with the season.  I may have picked up Haagen-Dazs’ rendition of Peppermint Bark Ice Cream and definitely give it two thumbs up.

IMG_7421When I’m (my lovely foot) still not 100%, there’s the injury deck.  There we make up our own quirky workout or implement one of the many fun Deck of Card Workouts going around.  Curious what it’s about?  Download the app (Let’s WOD) and make up your own exercise for each card suite.  Let the fun begin 🙂

IMG_7456 The simply instagram photo I post at a Food 52 Holiday Pop Up Shop, which results in the highest number of “likes” I’ve ever received and a number of random followers.  Go figure.

IMG_7471 Walks through Central Park may not be the same as running through CP, but they are just as refreshing and who can turn down a view like this?  Fun side note – this was taken as Lindsay and I walked 50+ blocks while carrying our new rug from Home Goods.  $14 delivery fee?  Psh yeah right.


Best part of the work day.  Of course I have two days off this week (WINNING!) so I didn’t get to open those days but more fun on Monday.

IMG_7494 A cookie party for the ages.  We are quite fortunate to have such amazing friends and have the opportunity to celebrate an evening like this.  Everyone make one (or two) of their favorites and we brought them to snack and swap.  I went with the peppermint pinwheels (featured ^^ alongside Lindsay’s Eggnog Cheesecake Bars) and Christmas Crack.  Oh that last one is a bit addicting (hence the name but I swear it’s all safe) 🙂 Recipe rendition to come soon.

IMG_7505Blurry but so much friend love.  It’s funny how a majority of us are from California or went to school in California and ended up on this crazy east coast.  All about the experiences my friends – carpe diem.

“Your life becomes the thing you have decided it shall be.”
– Raymond Charles Barker


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