Traveling Through Post Christmas Blues

Has anyone else been feeling some of the post-Christmas blues? We spend 30 days+ in anticipation of the holidays and with one 24-hour swoop, it’s over with. In hopes of avoiding these blues for a few more days, my family took a quick trip to San Diego.


San Diego is one of those top Southern California hot spots that all the tourists flock to.  Funny enough, I have only been one or two times in my life, so it was definitely time to take another visit.  From the zoo to the beaches, the Gaslamp district to the Wild Animal Park and Legoland.


Plenty of time for exploring and dining in the Gaslamp District on Friday night ~ Dinner at the Blind Burro and while we didn’t take a trip to the sweet Ghiradelli shop (besides a free sample), I’m a sucker for diner interiors and neat looking signage.


On Saturday morning, we took a quick trip down to the Courtyard’s workout room before breakfast and then heading off to the zoo.

IMG_6402IMG_6403Just mom and dad making the most of the free maps. It’s almost like Disneyland; you need to strategize the park in order to see everything.


IMG_8048IMG_6411We started with the bus tour and were able to get a full view of the park.  I highly recommend this route because you can decide which areas to hit up before all the crowds begin.

sd zoo xmas 2014How would you feel to be stared at all day every day? If only we had an animal perspective – things would get interesting for sure.

IMG_6472Sometimes I feel like we should have this written outside our office cubicles.

sd zoo xmas 2014 - 2

That afternoon, we met up with my grandparents and made our way to Qualcomm Stadium. Normally home of the San Diego Chargers, Qualcomm was playing host to the University of Southern California and Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl.

usc holiday bowl - sd 2014

The $100/ticket picnic option ~ celebrating our nation with the American flag salute ~ probably the best marching band I know of ~ a very very close game … too close for comfort


I have to hand it to my dad because he was quite the trooper for driving up and down the coast from Santa Barbara to the sunny, but chilly, San Diego. People always expect California to be nice and warm, but I have to say, the 40F did not prove this point.   I decided to dress as if it was 70 and sunny, so that was just some wishful thinking.


The only thing helping me get through this flight (written a couple of days ago) is lunch from Lemonade (one of my favorite places in Pasadena), my podcast Serial, Guardians of the Galaxy, Frozen, and Trader Joe’s chai tea.


Leaving home was tough but I know that my life and current home is back in New York. There’s oh so much to look forward to in the week and year ahead and now it’s just about making the most of the moment and enjoying what life has to offer.


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