A Storm Named Juno: The Blizzard that Wasn’t

For a solid 12+ hours on Monday, news channels were blasting reports of a massive storm that was supposedly heading our way.  Subways announced closures, flights and trains were cancelled, and people went ravaging through the grocery stores for every last bit of food as though it were an impending apocalypse.  I never knew the importance of a peanut butter and loaves of bread, until it was swept off the shelves.

I received countless texts and phone calls from friends and family asking about our safety and whether we had food on hand.  I do appreciate all the concern, but honestly was a little skeptical of the weather and if anything would actually happen.  Maybe I’m naive and the next storm is going to slap me in the face.  (But let’s hope not)

Well, it turns out that in Manhattan, storm Juno didn’t live up to all the hype.  Sure, having a no-travel order did help the snow plows.  Sure, putting the subway cars away over night probably avoided them being snowed in.

But, the slow start to the morning left me a tad bit antsy and left me wondering what to do about work.  Let me rephrase that, how to go about my work.  Maybe I’m a bit of a go-getter (or goody-two-shoes), I don’t care.  I’m a type A individual and I love my schedule (maybe too much).  I love having a workout to go to in the morning and set of things to do at my desk in my office.  I love being able to work with people and grab a cup of coffee when we have a spare minute.  Being able to work remotely was pretty much a self-imposed challenge.  I really don’t know what to do with a slower schedule/free-time.


This is what I woke up to.  Not nearly the footage I had expected from the weather reports but somehow Lindsay and I predicted that it wouldn’t be too bad.  We had skiied in white-outs worse than the weather Manhattan experienced. 


There were a few fleeting moments where I debated walking the 40+ blocks and avenues to work.  But by the time I got there, who knows if the office would be open or if there would be thaaaaat many emails to answer.  After polling a few of my coworkers and manager, this seemed like a stupid idea.  During my lunch break, I walked over to a local bar where some November Project people were supposed to meet.  Of course it would happen that I was the first and only person to arrive (for three or so hours…again, my luck), so I walked to a local cafe to attempt some reports until my computer died.

I have since decided that the snow and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye.  It’s fine when I’m working in my office all day and have the ability to run at the gym.  (I understand – first world problems) so I guess I was hoping for something a little bit more dramatic (not wishing any danger or misfortune upon anyone!).  Actually, I’m always pretty skeptical about this concept of snow-day.  Probably because in elementary and high school, we thought some power outage would gift us a day off and free pass.  But, miraculously, the district would pull it together and have some backup generator armed and ready.


Well, it looks like snow-days are infinitely better when you are a kid, right?  No emails or excel charts to worry about 🙂 


I ended up taking my “lunch” break later in the afternoon and let’s just say, I should have started the day with a run.  Just being able to break free of my self-imposed stress was glorious.  I ran into a woman dancing along the path, telling everyone who would listen, that it was the most beautiful sunset.  You know, I stopped, took a few pictures, and thought, she is so darn right.  Why do I stress so much about the little things?  Enjoy life a little more.

All in all, I am very glad that no one was hurt or stranded, and there was no extreme damage from Blizzard Juno.  It was a unique opportunity to work from home and I definitely learned a little more about myself.  This includes the need to put a schedule together, the need to work out in the morning so that I’m not going stir-crazy, and the need to hide any nut butter jar or snacks because if they are around, I will eat them in the name of anxiety/boredom.  When in doubt, just avoid snowstorms. 😉  Good plan.

So here’s to the first mega snowfall of 2015.

2 thoughts on “A Storm Named Juno: The Blizzard that Wasn’t

  1. My roommates were so mad when the storm didn’t hit us because it meant they had to go to work/school. For me, I would have to do my job as normal if I couldn’t get to the office (lucky for me, I walk anyways so I’d still go in) and it’s pretty much impossible trying to work from one screen. I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as they thought for you though! Sometimes those “snow days” that aren’t as big of a deal as they’re made out to be are the best kind because you still get that freedom to roam around outside!

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