Lunch at Little Flower Candy Co.

Well my friends, I completely forgot to share this adorable cafe with you when I was home for the holidays.  So, while I may not be in California, there is always room for a good restaurant review.  Not to mention some sunshiney pictures as we east coasters go through the first few snow storms of the season.


Little Flower Candy Co
1422 West Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91105

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Little Flower Candy Co is a small little cafe and candy kitchen tucked on the side of the 134 freeway.  Filled with fresh food and delightful cups of coffee, it’s a perfect place to grab any meal of the day, catch up with friends, or soak up the Southern California sun.


Of course it’s also known for it’s adorable and oh so sweet candy.  Just think, how perfect would these be for hostess gifts to table settings?  Or maybe a treat for yourself.




White Bean & Prosciutto Salad
$11.50 arugula, baked prosciutto, white beans, avocado, parmesan, lemon thyme vinaigrette.

IMG_6353 Quiche + Salad ($8.50)

IMG_6354Salmon Bowl
$15.00 brown rice, shredded carrots & daikon radish, cucumber relish, micro greens, and ponzu dressing


“All you need is love…and caramels”

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