Running on Joe

Something that I have really come to learn and love about this city, is that there are endless opportunities to explore the city through workout groups.  From run clubs put on by Nike and Jack Rabbit Sports, to free yoga/pilates classes by Lululemon and Athleta, the world is really your oyster.  But what if I told you there was a run club that offered free coffee?  No, not just any coffee, I’m talking really good espresso type of coffee.


Team Joe Coffee Run Club
>> Every Saturday at 10 a.m. (9:30 a.m. in the summer) from Joe at 141 Waverly Place in the West Village <<

Joe was started about 12 years ago as a specialty coffee shop in the west village.  They focused on brewing the best of the best of the best for their customers and in order to do this, partnered up with some of the highest quality domestic and international roasteries.  A few months later, they opened up a roastery of their on in Brooklyn and started to create their own single-origin and blending varieties.


Joe makes sure to carry out its four point buying philosophy, which emphasize the relationship with each of its partners, from the producers to the importers/exporters to the buyers.

1) fair and traceable
2) quality
3) flexibility
4) sustainable relationships

Because of Joe’s four principles, the prices are a bit steeper than your average coffee shop.  However, with the bold flavor of espresso served in each brew, it’s well worth the extra $0.50 to $1 for a weekend splurge.



It was actually the co-owner, Gabrielle Rubinstein, who created the running group in order to meet more people in the area.  Funny enough, she started running, met a guy, and they ended up getting married.  Now, isn’t that just too darn adorable.  But back to the point of this post: free coffee.


Normally each run follows and out and back route, starting and ending at the Waverly location.  Mileage ranges between 3-6 miles but this particular Saturday ranged between 6-10 miles.  Each runner was presented with a punch card, which was to be stamped or punched at every location.  Theoretically you could sample a coffee at each spot, but I don’t think there are many people who can stomach so much caffeine in such a short period of time.  That and the sound of coffee or lattes mid-run sound quite unappealing.


I met up with the group at the Grand Central location to finish up the last six miles.  I am still trying to ease my way back into running and jumping into a 10 mile jaunt didn’t seem like the best idea.   Of course, it was pretty much stop and go for about 90-120 minutes, so it could have been done.


IMG_8240After zig-zagging across the city, we ended up at the Columbia University location around 120th and Morningside.  This was the first time I had walked through the Teacher’s College portion of the university and will definitely have to go back when the weather is warmer to explore the grounds.  I swear, no matter how much I venture out, there is always something out there to be seen and heard.  This city continues to surprise me, that’s for sure.

IMG_8242“Coffee is a hug in a mug.”
~ Author Unknown

2 thoughts on “Running on Joe

  1. Oooh a coffee run club. I wonder if they have a hot chocolate one! I’m going to Shake Shack & Field as soon as it opens next week here. SO PUMPED.

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