Weekend Update

First off, thank goodness for three day weekends.  Yes, here here to the Presidents!  While we may not have gone on an epic adventure – no skiing, surfing, or road trips, one can always use an extra day.  Yesterday’s forecast of 10F with strong wind chills had me inside all.day.long.

I’d say about half of my instagram feed was filled with pictures of people at the beach, hiking, or running in some sunny west coast location.  Nope, here I went for the rest/relaxation angle with Scandinavia trip planning, Downton Abbey, and Lululemon yoga.


>> this was actually from Friday, which was equally as cold.  the worst part was the bone chilling wind whipping in my face after running to/during/after a NP workout on the Hudson river <<

Back in October, I decided to purchase a beginner’s 25-class special from Yoga to the People.  Yeah, I still have 9 classes left with two weeks to go and there’s a 100% I’m not going to use them all.  Between work, spin, and running/NP (which I prefer to yoga, even though cross-training and stretching is just as important), it may not be a priority.  But sitting through 3 1/2 hours of SNL skits is totally a priority.

Three ad a half hours could not begin to show what an epic all the best moments of SNL over the past 40 years.  I admit, I’ve never been good at staying up to watch, but the top clips and holiday specials get me every time.  Just watching the 40th anniversary special on Sunday, I realized how stacked the list of members, guests, and musical appearances has been.  Plus, laughing makes the world a better place. Just throwing that out there.

>> one of my favorite comedians/actors <<

>> No, not all of us Californians talk like this (especially not like Taylor Swift’s awful impersonation), but we do like to talk about our commutes and the various freeways <<

More Cowbell

>> best group of folks and my favorite regular skit.  my favorite might be the one when Seth gave Kelloggs a tough time for dropping their sponsorship with Michael Phelps <<

But in other news, I did do more than just sit on my rear and watch tv.  Maybe.  The fun started on Friday with a chilly freezing workout around 79th/Hudson with November Project.  My phone listed the temperature as 9F, but I forgot to factor in the wind chill and the fact that I live on the east side and we were working out along the west and water.   You regret it if you don’t go and you regret it if you do.


>> A new favorite (flat white) to reward myself and warm myself up <<


>> oh look, another token snowy Central Park shot <<

Saturday’s long(ish) run with Sarah and her boyfriend around Central Park.  Honestly we jetted out like bats out of hell and while I could maintain the pace for about half of the park, I didn’t want to drag them down and let them go on their merry way.  We exchanged hugs and then I met up with a few November Project peeps for the rest of the run.  One free juice + homemade brunch later and I was one happy camper.

IMG_8397>> one memorable galentine’s night filled with fancy cocktails, white lasagna, and good times at Houston Hall.  seriously, if you are in the area and are looking for a good time, this is a great place to go <<

Today will probably be spent packing for an impromptu work trip to Chicago (weather permitting…curse you winter storms), working out in some form (running + body pump?), a trip to SOHO with Lindsay, and catching up on the Bachelor.

How was your Valentine’s day?  Any plans for the day off?


9 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I am so so so so sooooo glad we got to see each other even for a little while! KBT was like “I like Kaitlin. She’s really nice.” So you win 😉 I also love my NP keychain and your weekend sounds perfectly relaxing. Can we please please please start planning a girl’s weekend? I’m long overdue.

  2. My Sunday also consisted of freezing in the cold and watching Downton Abbey! Don’t you love that show?! The cowbell video always manages to make me laugh. When are you heading to Chicago? I would love to recommend some places for you to visit. 🙂 Stay warm, love! xx

  3. I had no idea how true the stereotype was about the freeway/commute route talk until I moved to LA! There’s only one highway that goes through Santa Barbara so I never heard any of it until I moved. It makes me laugh every time. And tell me more about this Scandinavian trip!!

  4. Totally feel ya with the cold long runs- you can’t win! Wow- awesome that you moved to NY! And more importantly, what a weather transition! Have an awesome Tuesday, girlie.

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