Happy Birthday November Project NYC

Tomorrow marks the official one year anniversary of November Project – NYC as a tribe.  By the time this is published, I’ve been out and about, running with the 5:30 and 6:30 group for our monthly PR day.  This is where we decided to run in circles (only 8 “Mansion Loops”) for time.  Yes, I may have utilized NYC taxi transport to make both workouts on time but swear it’s occasional (Dad…it’s just another worthy expenditure, right?).  Sure, I’m sure people would question whether it remains “free” fitness then 🙂 Just kidding, the fitness itself is free, but the occasional $10-$15 cab rides just so that I can run in extreme conditions with my friends?  That’s priceless.

But really, where would be a solid place to start where I don’t lose readers by being overly-sappy (apologize in advance if it becomes too much) and still can adequately explain how amazing this group and environment is?  Let’s be honest, I love pictures, therefore this is going to be one mega photo dump (and a healthy dose of sarcasm).

*special thanks to all our NP photographers whose creative I have borrowed and shared below

IMG_5772>> August 15th.  Day 1 <<

I decided to make my first workout one of the farthest commutes that I have ever taken in NYC (all the way to Grant’s Tomb at 123rd St).  I had opted out of Wednesday’s 86th st workout because it was raining.  Yes, just rain, much as it is raining today.  Now I know what weatherproof is.  And no, I didn’t memorize that date.  I was going through Instagram and had to write it down for some article.


>> Crazy kids waking up before the sun.  Back in the day when they met at the flagpole rather than the grotto. It seems like such a distant memory <<

IMG_5822>> Better than Bedtime <<

There was the time we decided to run through the streets of New York on a warm summer night and cause chaos through a Sunday street fair.  I LOVE CHAOS (bet you didn’t know that about this type A personality, did you?)

IMG_5861Our workouts are different every time.  Running, burpees, decks of cards; you really never know what to expect.  There was this one time that I worked out with the one and only Leanne.  This girl is a gymnast beast and will have month long challenges where she hangs by her own two hands for minutes on end. If surrounding yourself with such a diverse group of people doesn’t inspire you, I’m not sure what will.


>> Teamwork.  These gals – Mary and Jackie kill it at every workout. <<
I may overuse the term “killing it” and fully acknowledge this 

Oh and we like to push the limits (sometimes a bit too much).  Let’s just say that the Rock Center enforcement didn’t like us stowing our bags and working out in one place for too long.

photo (3)>> Tag it with love <<
Of course it’s normal to go through your closet only to figure out every single item you can cover in spray paint.  Or receive something at Christmas and think “YES GRASSROOTS GEAR READY!”  Now the goal is to get a tag from as many tribes as possible…

IMG_6667The home tribe rolls deep.  Nothing like planning your vacation around which workout you can attend.  One day I’ll make it to the stair workouts to feel the burn.

IMG_7707I’ve made it out to three other tribes (Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago) but have to say, there’s nothing like my NYC home.

IMG_8130Really though.  With a view like this, moving from California sunsets to east coast sunrises makes it all worth it. Maybe it’s the fact that I ran cross country in high school and three summers of waking up before the sun made me think that the only time to workout is in the morning.  It starts you on the right foot, changes your attitude, gets your mind moving.

IMG_8544>> Cheer station 2014 for the New York City Marathon <<

We support each other.  To do this, there is usually a water/cheer station at all the big races.  Who knew that we would 1) make such an impact 2) be completely exhausted from screaming and handing out water or 3) want to run it one day?  Yes, just like my fascination with NP, people probably think running a marathon is insane.  But yes, I do plan to drop some hard earned cash and put my body through the ringer to know what it feels like to run through those five boroughs.


>> hanging with my pal Emily <<

Injured?  No problem.  Let me introduce the Injury Deck 🙂  Because rolling with a pack of athletes (new and experienced) we have our fair share of tips, tricks to training, racing, and dealing with injury.  If only we were invincible…


 >> Meet Brian.  He is ALWAYS smiling.  So when you arrive to NP, you can be sure to find one of us for a hug and Brian with a smile. Day made <<


>> K.Shea, one of my favs. and one of the many who make the trek from outside of the island <<


 >> We’re festive, we’re funky, we race hard and have a good time.  Doesn’t that sound like a group you would want to get involved in?  Sounds like perfection to me <<


Work hard, play hard.  I already revealed how we play hard on Monday, but really, I swear we train hard too.  I’ve spent the last few years looking for a group that doesn’t make fun of my interest in waking up early to work out and who understands the thrill of racing everything.  But really, with hashtags like #raceeverything, I think they get it (oh and they like hashtags as much as I do. I dump them in every instagram photo. #sorryimnotsorry)

IMG_8332Sunday Cat “Hill” repeats with Coach Myles and crew.  Pretty much the only type of hill this city claims as its own, which is funny because my home town is made up of hills and all I really knew how to run.  But then again, I was used to running in 0 humidity and 80 heat most of the time so things change.

IMG_6366 >> I brought my friends along one time.  They haven’t been back…yet.  Maybe it’s the weather 😉 <<

IMG_8297 >> Quite the juxtaposition from above.  Boy, I can’t wait for the days of wearing JUST t-shirts and shorts.  This is me in a nut-shell – just posing with odd snowmen figures.  Would you like to be friends? <<

1941568_887623937927531_6010681315646042648_o>> So how do you get your day started?  How about with a little bounce.  Not sure what comes next?  Maybe show up and see what the hype is about 😉 <<

IMG_5847>> #wakeupthesun <<

As I’ve said before, waking up early can be tough.  There are often cab rides involved and it’s a whole lot of running and pushing your limits.  But the support from the people who are right there with you (hugs for days…even if you aren’t/weren’t a touchy feel-y person like myself), the vibes, and views like these make living in the city and waking up worth it.

Happy Birthday November Project New York City

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday November Project NYC

  1. This makes me so happy. SO HAPPY. I love how integrated you’ve become with the NP community and that you “get it.” It’s all about being weatherproof, about community, about love, and a little about fitness. This movement is seriously life-changing and I wish more people would give it a shot because the impact is bigger than anything I’ve ever experienced. Happy 1 year to NP_NYC!

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