Some Spring Loving ~ 3.6.15

Apparently today is “The National Day of Unplugging Challenge“.  Do you think you could unplug for 24 hours?  Scary, right?  It’s probably doable since I still work on a computer, which enables access to Facebook, email, etc.  Maybe that’s cheating since I’m not fully unplugging from technology, but it’s just about all I can do at work.  The reason I find myself checking all these forms of media is to keep in the know.  I’m a nosy person, I know and admit that about myself.  Even my grandma dubbed me “Nosy Rosy” when I was younger.  So I like to know what’s happening, what the night’s or weekend plans are, any deals going on, and so on.  But let’s give it a shot, shall we?  Should turn out better than my “Lent diet”. Right, spoiler alert – the “no coffee, no sweets” was an epic fail.

~ Best Cafe Coffee Shops in New York City ~ Rolling off the broken Lent promise, let’s chat about the best hipster and hole-in-the-wall java joints.  I have only been to Joe and Stumptown here in NYC, but know from my Pasadena and Santa Barbara background that Intelligentsia is also out of this world.  What’s left to test out?

– El Rey –
100 Stanton St
– Fair Folks & A Goat –
(just by the name it’s a winner…noted for a clutch iced brew)
96 W Houston St
– Ninth Street Espresso Uptown –
(iced coffee on tap…yes please)
109 E 56th St
– Petite Shell –
1269 Lexington Ave

FullSizeRender (1)

~ Lessons from a Sommelier ~ Before we go all out and start popping bottles and dancing on tables (do not challenge me because when in the right mood, I may say “challenge accepted”.  Trust me, I’ll be the perfect date for weddings 😉 ), maybe we should learn a little bit more about the bubbly beverage.  Yes?  No?  Carry on my friends, carry on.

~ What the Color of Your Clothes Say About You ~ Curious if that color combo is making you feel down?  Yes – bleh or blah or just off.  Well my new friend Tory from Hot Chick Pea has it all figured out!  Check out her thoughts or sign up for weekly meditation here for a brighter today and tomorrow 🙂 You won’t regret it, I promise.

~ Buying Running Shoes? How about taking advice from the Today Show segment with the one and only Coach John from NYRR/November Project.

~ The Magic Text Message ~ What if I told you that you could get anything with just a simple text message?  Well first off, that sounds super sketchy because it can entail anything legal or illegal but let’s stick with legal.  It does solve a problem for those on the outskirts of cities and could be a potential goldmine business plan.  It also plays to the lazy card, but what’s new?

~ Happy Birthday YouTube ~ Some top moments cultivated by Pure Wow.  Special note to the Evolution of Dance.  Who knows?  Maybe you can bring some of those groovy moves out to the bar.  Then again, I’m pretty sure I have found myself dancing (more along the lines of the wedding entrance video) and turned most guys away because of those moves. So, take my advice and don’t. 😉 (~3:50? defffffinitely guilty)

Also, I just so happened to pull a white elephant gift at Christmas that was a fox sining this little ditty and could not stop cracking up.  I’m not sure if my grandpa knew what the song was from (some random YouTube video) or just a hilarious toy.  Either way, my night was made.


>> two months until my birthday (and a whole bunch of other NP peeps too!). It’s never to early to start the countdown, right? <<


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