Never a Dull Weekend

With warmer weather (note 40’s), sunshine past the time that I leave the office, and notes of grass poking through, you could say that spring is on its way.  This winter didn’t seem to be as terrible as last winter, or maybe I’ve become accustomed to the cold.  From my perspective, it was a lot more cold and a lot less snow.  Fine by me!  Now it’s the home stretch to spring and there’s SO MUCH TO DO!


>> Thank goodness we are easing out of snow and the roads are (almost) clear <<

Last week we had our company wide sales conference and for two days, we packed 500+ people in a Marriott conference room to talk up-front sales strategy and watch the different department sizzle reels.  Each day was followed by a night of mingling, drinking, and frou-frou appetizers.  All in all, lots of fun and it helps me get outside my shell (that’s right, I do have somewhat of a shell), but all the socializing certainly adds up.  By Friday I was ready to pass out and even missed a couple early morning alarms.


>> little leopard in the concrete jungle. if only Tory Burch would acknowledge a Kappa Alpha Theta discount and my world would be made <<

Saturday morning I woke up to a steady stream of rain, which while not ideal for outdoor activity, beats snow and the freezing cold.  I had agreed to run 8-9 miles with a friend from NP who is training for a marathon and had 18 miles on the books for that day.  By the time she picked me up, she had already run at least 9!  With the help of another NP friend who is also a NYRR pacer, we stayed strong along 1st avenue and around Central Park.


>> Saturday mornings are never complete without a free juice from Juice Press <<

So of course, just when things are getting back to normal or where I would like to be running wise – minimal arch pain and I think the plantar faciitis is diminishing – I feel a pain in my other foot.  WebMD leads me to believe a bruised/potential stress fracture of the metatarsal bone.  Cool.  On day 1 of half marathon training.  According to the internet, it’s caused by a speedy increase in mileage, which is true.  I probably was feeling good and overestimated how much I could handle.


True – I don’t have the body of some of the faster runners and I may never be able to handle all the mileage of a marathoner.  There are weight loss strategies for runners but honestly, I already incorporate those tips and tricks into my lifestyle.  So, in order to avoid all disaster and still run the half marathon in May, I will need to re-focus and be much better about cross-training and recovery.

It’s times like these where I want to say “why me” or “this isn’t fair” and “life sucks”.  But that’s not true.  It’s just a bump in the road and I need to be grateful that I have had the ability to run this much this far.  Again, I come back to the fact that every single body is different and we can all accomplish different things in life.  My favorite phrase is “you do you” and yes, sometimes writing it here reminds me to walk the walk rather than just talk the talk.


Yesterday I volunteered at the NYC Half Marathon to fulfill my “+1” credit to enter the 2016 New York Marathon.  The half marathon course took runners through Central Park, down through Times Square, along the west side highway, and down around the Battery area.  I chose to volunteer at 14th and the west side, around mile 8 and had an absolute blast. Sure, 5am was an early wake up call (for any morning let alone a Sunday).  Sure the temperatures could have been a little warmer (but were perfect for the runners).  Sure, the 2.5 hours of screaming caused me to lose my voice.  But it was all so worth it.


The group that I was with may not have been as fun as my November Project peeps at last November’s NYM Mile 14, but was equally as efficient and hilarious.  One of the volunteers even brought coffee and banana bread for us all.  Sweet, right?


This is an interesting race because you either enter the lottery based upon time or can enter by running in 4 of the 6 “Borough” races put on by NYRR.  Sadly I won’t be able to qualify for next year’s race through the Borough challenge because I missed out on the January Manhattan half and will be out of town during the Brooklyn half.

IMG_8817>> Because a race isn’t complete without brunch (endless boozy brunch?) and some attempts at taking pictures.  Congrats on all the PR’s or even first half marathon races for these guys! <<


Do you like to volunteer or cheer at races?