Daily Sights in the Big Apple

By now you have probably seen most of the highlights of New York either through my blog posts, through one of the many other NYC blogs, or maybe just by visiting.  But what happens when I’m not gallivanting about the city or people actually aren’t on vacation and the tourists go home?  Oh right, they never do.  Well, spoiler alert.  I don’t have the opportunity to run around the city every.single.day but what I do stumble across in this big concrete jungle can be pretty magical.  So here are just some of the sights and sites that I come across on my daily grind.


>> hopefully the last snow (fingers crossed) of the season <<


>> Moving into March and April rain showers. It’s what we Californians call the other part of our “season” – a nice compliment to the endless heat and drought. <<

IMG_8770 >> Columbus Circle and the oh so wonderful Central Park <<



Sometimes all you need is a quick walk around the park to get your head back in the game.  Because I don’t always eat with my coworkers (most of us eat in front of our screens these days), I decide to take a walk in the park instead.  As the weather starts to get warmer and the snow has melted away, it’s even more enjoyable to get out and walk around.

IMG_8772 IMG_8773

>> over the path and through the park <<

IMG_8776 IMG_8778

 You know, it would be pretty neat to be able to travel and site see and feel on top of the world all the time.  But then you would return to your routine and the little life pleasures wouldn’t seem as fabulous anymore.  So here’s to living it up 7 days a week. Go get ’em.


3 thoughts on “Daily Sights in the Big Apple

  1. Nice shots of the city! It’s a real treat to work so close to Central Park – I’m sure a lot of people in the city would love that privilege 🙂 Glad to hear that you actually take advantage of it. It’s going to be magnificent come spring time!

  2. You don’t need to quote any famous people when you have the pictures and the comments you have in todays blog. Keep it up ….You are an inspiration. BOB

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