Life of Late ~ 3.20.15

Hi my name is Kaitlin and I have a nut butter problem and no I’m not a nut case.  I may drive some people a little crazy, but that just adds some fun into my life and yours.  Trust me.  Back to the real problem – the fact that a serving size is 2 tbsp and yet the jar is consumed within a week.  If I really wanted to make it interesting, I should have a taste test challenge and purchase a whole basket full of options.  But alas, my wallet nor NYC cupboard space does not allow for that.

So what else is new in the world besides my nut butter habit?

IMG_8849 >> just about the only green item I consumed for st. patty’s day.  #thematicfail <<

IMG_8644 Of course I would have to include 1, 2, 3, or more November Project pictures.  Because that’s what’s up.  Happy Birthday to NP NYC 🙂  This time, no straight faces and just smiles all around.

Speaking of NP, here’s an applicable article about community. ~ What Does Community Mean to You (A Little Opulent) ~ Belong, respect, support, authentic.  Spot on.  We all want to find a place where we feel at home, can be our best selves, and enjoy the people around us.

IMG_8718A couple weekends back, we came out strong to celebrate one of our tribe members who was sadly moving away from the big apple.  We rocked the afternoon in style with a city wide scavenger hunt and thank goodness I was on a team that took it seriously.  That meant running almost 5 miles throughout the city taking pictures, doing burpees in Grand Central and creating dance parties with perfectly random strangers.  If you know me, you know that I ADORE this stuff.  Amazing Race?  Sign me up.  No really, my 18th birthday was Amazing Race themed, so I’m all over that.


>> that time we decided to take oyster shots.  this was not part of the scavenger hunt challenge but we thought that it could count as extra points.  it actually was my first oyster and I don’t remember much of the taste as I doused it in cocktail sauce and literally shot it down my throat. <<


>> the party ended up at Brother Jimmy’s where they of course have a photobooth. not free but worth it! <<


>> we three happen to share the very best birthday.  epic NP workout day and celebrations to come <<

Having been in the city and specifically in Manhattan for three months, I’m getting a bit antsy to travel.  So, let’s make a list of the 10 Historical Trips to Take (The Well Traveled Wife) ~ This girl travels everywhere and in the most stylish fashion.  I adore all the tips and tricks she provides for traveling along with the oodles of pictures for each post.  If you don’t already follow this blog, I highly recommend!  It will have you ready to travel in no time at all.

IMG_8822 >> did you know that the 5th ave Tiffany’s offers complimentary water (flat or sparkling) on their 6th floor customer service reception? absolutely divine <<

 On a It these types of articles and stories that make you appreciate every ability you have to run and live a healthy life.  Cameron Gallagher, a 16 year old, had suffered from depression and anxiety.  She was in the process of raising awareness and had just completed her first half marathon when she passed away from an undiagnosed heart arrhythmia.  Noto to be a downer, just to share how people are spreading awareness and passion through running.

Speaking of passion, here’s a little article about 20 Signs That You’ve Found Your Passion (A Little Opulent) ~ All excellent questions or thoughts to consider when looking for a job, finding your place at work or society, or just living.

IMG_8819 >> what to eat after a workout or night of fun <<

IMG_8820  >> what I really would like to eat after a workout or night of fun.  I may have enjoyed every bit but also suffered a slight sugar crash and hangover while we watched Cinderella.  Not so fun. <<

IMG_8658>> celebrating a friend’s birthday in brooklyn bash style <<

 I have a feeling that my mom will make a comment about my hair while she is here.  It’s my mother who reminds me when to schedule a hair appointment.  Yes I am almost 24 and she is still the perfect person to do this.  Most of the time I listen and schedule something within 8-10 weeks of each other.  I’m going on week 20.  So, if these tips on how to eat your way to better skin and hair don’t work, maybe I”ll just make an appointment.


>> On Fridays, we take over Times Square.  Or any other location around the city.  Waking up for a 6:28am workout is possibly the best way to experience Times Square.  Trust me. <<

If you made it to the end, congratulations.  I’ll leave you with this happy thought…IT’S OFFICIALLY SPRING!!


4 thoughts on “Life of Late ~ 3.20.15

  1. I’m allergic to tree nuts, and I still have a peanut butter problem! So. Much. PB. All. The. Time.

    When we go on our running and baking adventures, I think a stop at 16 handles for their PB&J flavor is going to be mandatory…

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